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  1. Brilliant that I have clearly understood and have fired off an email to their CEO, will update once I hear back. Thanks DX
  2. to be honest I dont have the time, I have it for the ease of it and since the kids use a few of them they do tend to go wrong after year 1... hence the insurnce. anyways definitely going to be cancelling it tomorrow, EVERY POLICY! Please elaborate on the " reclaim the useless insurance"? how they state that the laptop was written off by our insurers, so basically I invoked the claim etc so i used it and when you say spec for spec, do you mean the main core specs or down to the nitty gritty as my main reason was the backlit keyboard as i type alot in the dark, now at 799.99 no laptop has that spec
  3. Hi What a results, care to share the CEO's email so we can get our issues sorted, looks like he can get things done in this shambles of a company, very loyal customer for 14 years, extremely angry and disgruntled at present and looks like the future too
  4. Hello All First time poster, glad such a forum exists, willl be one of my dialy reads from here on!!! AWESOME My issue is as below, if I can get a view on what my options are? I bought a laptop from PCWORLD in Staines in Aug 2011, my criteria was backlit keyboard, dedicated graphics with HDMI and the fastest processor possible which was the i7, so I found the HP Envy 14, 2002EA very appealing. The sales guy asked me " So why the fastest processer, what you going to be doing on it?" so i expalined its for work and I dont like a slow laptop, " ah right, so business use?" to which I replied "Yes" so instead of the Club insurance I got the Premier Insurance at £14.00 a month, the reason? well if your laptop goes away for repair you will get a loan! That was the selling point of the "Premier" Laptop worked nicely, until May 2012 when it gave off a horrible burning smell, went in for repair to be picked up Saturday, "we dont have any loan but can put you on the waiting list.." Is what I got when I mentioned. Needless to say I did not receive a loan and the laptop was away for 8 working days rather than the 5 promised. Laptop came back repaired worked for 20 mins and burnt out again, so again no loan to give to you sorry sir, will put you on the waiting list, by the end of the week I had not heard back so I went and bought a new laptop as I needed one. Eventually they wrote off the HP Envy, gave me the voucher code popped into the store and they had matched the specification and offered me another HP, which turned out to be an i5, priced at 499.99. You can imagine my reaction to that!! I questioned this as mine was an i7, anyhow alot of time later and many phone calls it transpired that the INTERNAL PCWORLD website had the incorrect specs so they corrected their mistake and offered me the cheapest i7 priced at 799.99. It was a Toshiba it looked nice so I took it, however the speakers popped on this machine so I have just returned it today. After thinking it over and using the not so good toshiba I started to feel extremely angry so glad I was able to return that however now I have 799.99 on a gift card I am out of pocket by 1100-799.99= 299.00 and also the 10 insurance payments of 14/month =£140 Now since HP provide a years manufacture warranty, why should the customer have to loose out on a 1/4 of the laptops value? I feel very very angry now considering I have 7 warranty/insurance agreements with them. again I will be looking to possibly cancel all of them if i do not get anywhere, so far the Staines manager has offered to ring up head office and see if they can up the voucher, my local Slough store were not even willing to do this. Again no promises. If the store can not get anywhere, where do I go next? Thanks for reading and apologies for any grammar, spelling its late and I am not happy
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