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  1. oh I don't intend to send them anything else, they keep saying that anyone else would ask for the same in the circumstances, but I point blank refuse to provide such info, especially as they didn't ask for it when I applied. fkofilee - I intend to pay what I owe, which has been being paid at £10 per month, but no more than the £232 remaining (original amount plus 1 month interest), they can kick and scream as much as they like for the rest, but they aren't getting it from me without a blooming long and hard fight, and a court order. my problem is I can go around making claims such as 'this is unfair, I will pay only the original amount plus 1 month interest', but I can't actually back it up with anything. I can say I refuse to supply the info the request, but they refuse to even look at my circumstances until I do, so I need the legal stuff to be able to back up what I am saying. I have asked the FO if they will look at the case as it is so obvious that they will not be resolving my complaint, but they say 'no we have to wait 8 weeks to give them chance blahblah blah', which is STUPID as, like I say, they're not even looking at my complaint, let alone dealing with it! Roll on 11th October, eh?
  2. So I made a complaint of the FO, and it was, of course, passed to Marshall Hoares, but is being dealt with by Northern Debt Recovery (HAHAHA!) The fella I am dealing with has to be one of the most ignorant and, well, I don't want to be too free with my words here, but you can likely guess... He's apparently decided to ignore my complaint, and is demanding I pay £40 per month (I am a student, on £5000-odd per year), but he will not accept my income & expenditure. He demanded proof of income - which I provided in the form of a letter from SFE detailing my entitlement. Then he asked for income/expenditure, which I provided, showing a MASSIVE lack of money coming in as to going out, but he keeps demanding 3 months bank statements, which I cannot supply due to only just opening a student account. I have been paying £10 per month, which, under the circumstances, is a hell of a lot, but they keep on adding interest, and being generally nasty b*stards. Not to mention this guy from the 'complaints department' forgetting about my complaint ad trying to get all this from me. I owe, at this point in time (going on the original loan amount, plus 1 month's interest), £232, and recently wrote asking for a settlement of £200 when I get my loan, which of course was refused. I just need some advice on what to do. I know for sure this will be going to the FO, as he's not even dealing with my complaint, let alone trying to resolve it, should I just hold out and wait for it to go to them? Should I just carry on with the £10 per month? Should I pay the £200? A different creditor passed my account to a DCA and they stopped interest immediately when it was passed over, which is what I don't understand about NDR & Marshall Hoares (Obviously I KNOW they are all the same company). NDR keep referring to my 'agreement' to which I reply 'I have no agreement with NDR or Marshall Hoares, please provide proof'. Naturally, nothing is forthcoming. The other company also accepted my settlement figure. It's just this one company that are refusing to play ball. I am about to go back to uni and I so so so hoped that this would be sorted by now so I could start the year with as little stress as possible. I am a mess right now!
  3. Today I've had 3 email and a text message threatening doorstep action, the debt has also had another massive increase. I can't cope any more.
  4. Definitely not show on what they have sent me. It just says that it's a copy of what I have signed. But without the signature tick or whatever! Cheeky sods.
  5. No ticks either! They state they have complied with my request by sending what they have done. What interests me most is the fact that if they fail to comply, the debt is unenforceable, therefore, they should have no reason to contact me, which is what I would like to be the case, not that I want to get out of not paying, I want them to stop threatening and bullying me. In a few weeks I will be able to make it to the local CAB, maybe taking the stuff they have sent into them is my best bet.
  6. There are no signatures, electronic or otherwise. They say they have added a number of charges in the statement total, as of today, but the dates of the charged are all in the future. If this document will hold up in court, then anyone could charge anyone else whatever they feel like 3 months in the future and demand they paid. I don't think it unreasonable to want clarification on this matter, plus it may answer other people's questions. What concerns me are the constant threatening letters and emails which I obviously would like to stop. I was advised to request the information I have done by trading standards, I would like to know if this document is them complying with the request. As previously mentioned, I have no issue paying the original loan amount plus 1 month interest, but they will not discuss the matter in any firm, and refuse to accept this as a payment plan. Obviously this situation leaves me worried sick. I came here for advice. I don't remember mentioning I wouldn't pay, I asked for information on the document they have sent me.
  7. I contest the charges, which they say have been added in the future. I'm not sure what is difficult to understand about my questioning a document that they have sent with missing information and dates of fees added in the future, that make up the total they say I owe...
  8. I sent email/letters plus £1 to Toothfairy/NDR/MHB asking for a statement, copy of the agreement & any other documents mentioned in the agreement, and today I received what may look like what I requested, however, I am unsure. They say it is a copy of the agreement which was electronically signed by both parties, but gives no date. Also, the 'statement' is a tiny little section, with the dates of all the charges IN THE FUTURE. Am I right in thinking that their 12 days are still not up, so I can still wait for what I have actually requested, and what they have sent me isn't worth the paper it's written on, given this slightly MASSIVE mistake on the count of the dates?
  9. I have written another letter sent by recorded delivery today stating that I want all further comma in writing and not text an email, sent through all their websites too. I am building quite a little file on them really! It's so good to know that others are/have experience and are able to share. Obviously it's not 'good' in that way, but you know what I mean!!! I'm going by the fact that if I keep copies of everything, at least I can get them if they decide to play silly buggers with the courts!
  10. Ok, they have not responds to my letter, they refuse to Contact me via mail, saying they are a paperless office. I receive a text message each Thursday saying I have an agreement to pay and £252 is due the following day. They say they have emailed me a number of times, but I have NEVER received an email from them. Today I got a text saying that collection agents will be visiting in 7 days and an email has been sent, but guess what?! No email!!! I called them (the oft are getting every recording by the way) because I wanted to confirm when they would be coming to my house. Got the usual 'agree to repayment, we will call off visit' to which I replied that they refuse to accept my offer of £10 and as a student can't afford £100 er month. She also told me that she was unable to confirm when the collection agents will be coming (I'll admit, that's the bit I wanted). She said this twice during the conversation and I also gave another email address so they can try this one. No email. Am I incorrect in thinking that I should get notification in writing for doirstep collection? I personally think that they are just making up bs and they are doing the usual trick of trying to bully me, and will never get a visit. I hope I am right in thinking this, anyone turning up will feel my wrath, but I'd rather not have to deal with that in all honesty! I guess I want reassurance more than anything. I have some real conversation gems recorded, you will kill yourselves laughing. They are too easy to wind up. DCA baiting - my favourite sport
  11. Hells to the yeah!! I've been Gavin fun and games with them, they refuse to put anything in writing and I have proof of 3 different people telling me so. They get all angry and give it 'you are refusing to pay!' and when I laugh, they don't like that! All phone recordings, as well as the text messages they have sent to me (never had any emails, despite what they say) have been forwarded to OFT. The texts say I owe '216', but they say I am making it up or 'that refers to the interest' then can't understand why I say I will only pay that as that is what I have in writing!! Shambles!
  12. They really are quite stupid! Its quite funny really, it's upsetting that they do bully people though and they should definitely be stopped from behaving like this. They are so rude too! 'I'M not the one in debt!' yes, and you think I enjoy it?! Losers! Not had any response to my letter, and have not had my first payment returned, so they can like it or lump it, quite frankly!
  13. They tol me they were passing my file to their fraud team too. Again, I think it just a scare tactic as I have heard nothing from said team!!
  14. Oft don't deal with 'personal' disputes, as far as I can tell, they are collecting information on companies, so although it may not be of direct help to you, it is really important that you report them! As far as Marshall Hoares, I have stopped dealing with them and only copy them in on what I have sent to Toothfairy only.
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