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  1. Hi there. I have had a few letters come through regarding this - latest one being this delight. Anything I need to do with this yet? Many thanks. dr+ letter.pdf
  2. Sounds like I’ll need to do some more digging then. If I remember correctly - many years ago I know, there were a chain of loans, and recent letters have come for two different accounts. I think the way I’m heading is clarification - which, if you guys agree, I’ll do in writing.
  3. Yes, definitely. It was never passed to anyone else.
  4. So bearing in mind I have certificate of completion, RBS have said in a letter that I have arrears and that the PPI refund has been sent to the Debt Management Operations for processing. I feel I should challenge this, but not quite sure whether it should be by phone (quicker) or letter. What I don’t want to do is take up any statute barred debt, that should have been written off in any case.
  5. Yes. I do have a certificate of completion, many thanks.
  6. Hi there. in November, I received a letter from RBS stating that they were looking to pay out an amount of approx £1400 for an old PPI claim, that had not been accepted previously. They do make reference to making checks first before making the payout. i heard nothing from them until end of January when they stated that they identified arrears. The processing of this part would take another 28 days. My concern is that this was part of an IVA, which completed in November 2013 after a 6 year IVA and I have seen reports of debts being attached to IVA. However, it is over 7 years since completion, and I believed that any debts would be statute barred, if not written off law the IVA. I have also since received a separate letter offering payout of £2700 for a separate RBS Loan. I wonder, how this one will proceed bearing in mind the progress of the previous claim. potentially, we could be receiving up to £4100 in PPI Payouts, but worse case - it could be ALL put towards the old debt. How should I contact RBS about this? Or should I just let it run its course? As a family, any payout would greatly help for the additional sensory needs of my children. Also, I acknowledge (off the record) the banks position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated . I can post screenshot of letter if need be. Many thanks.
  7. Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Guess what arrived in the post this morning.....? This delight. As predicted above, the 'discount period' has now passed and the cost has increased - with the threat of more costs being added. Just what my good lady wanted in the Christmas post. Another group on social media suggests the use of a 'three letter process'. Having not seen this process on this site, is it something that anyone on here advises? DRP171220.pdf
  8. Definitely, and from experience of a different car park ran by the same cowboy operator - the signs were not clear from a drivers perspective on the main road. interestingly enough, I won a previous appeal to this operation based solely on their inability to prove landowner authority. Just to clarify, I do nothing else with this one now? Only asking as it’s a different course I have taken previously and I need to be confident I’m doing the right thing by not appealing.
  9. Many thanks Dave. Photos attached as promised. Finally had a chance to look round yesterday - not an easy place to find, and thats before I look for decent signage. ECP Arcadian Signage.pdf
  10. Update. ECP have now sent out a new NTK to our new address. Date issued now reads 02/10/20 with the date of infringement 29/08/20.
  11. Many thanks for this , just gives me something to go on. My wife tends to give into these things. As it happened, I am aware ‘the driver (not being disclosed) thought it was free parking, stayed for less than half hour. I was informed that there was nowhere to pay for parking - even if there were parking rates enforced. Many thanks. I’ll get that in the post tomorrow, signed by my good lady of course seeing as she is the registered keeper. Saying that, I’m thinking, maybe address the letter from me, stating this is the keepers new address.
  12. Many thanks everyone. I’m coming back to this as Savvy have now placed a default on my credit file. I’m looking back through my email history and will be sending a complaint to them.
  13. Hi there, Just doing the letter to ECP. Content will be. Dear Sir, Ref xxx I am writing with regard to the above NTK dated xx. Please be advised that I have moved home recently, and this has caught up with me at my new address. Anything else I need to add, especially as I've been advised not to appeal. What will I expect from this if i don't appeal and say nothing? NTK.pdf
  14. Many thanks, we’re both working through change of addresses. Our driving licences and V5C’s are at our new address. This one slipped through before DVLA has our new address. So what’s the thoughts ref this NTK?
  15. I’ve had to do it as jpg from my phone as I’m in work on night shift. Can’t seem to get back page up so I’ll scan both sides onto my PC tomorrow. Figured out a way. If this isn’t clear, I’ll do it on my PC tomorrow. ECP New.pdf
  16. Hi there, my wife has received this addressed to our old address. We haven’t long moved house, so it’s been caught with the redirection. Before I send any appeal, please see below. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (must be received within 14 days from the Incident) please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 29/08/2020 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 02/09/2020 [scan up BOTHSIDES as ONE PDF- follow the upload guide] 3 Date received 04/09/2020 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Looks like ref number has been doctored with black box background 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] No Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Haven’t appealed yet 7 Who is the parking company? Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] The Arcadian, Birmingham For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. BPA There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here
  17. Hi there. What did you think of that draft as a starting point? I hadn’t had a chance to complete as I’m preparing to move house.
  18. Income Expenditure Savvy 120820.xlsx IE Form uploaded as requested. Many thanks for your help so far. I don't have the original one as I had just amended and resent to Savvy as this version. This was my email that I sent while attaching the latest IE version. Hello, In the rush to complete your income/expenditure form by the previous deadline, I did not update the income before sending it back to you. Therefore, please find attached the updated form completed with known figures to date. My payment offer remains the same as before. Before explaining the queries as below, please review the payment offer as soon as possible as that is the amount I can afford. I am disappointed to receive the default notice from you as I am trying to work with you to find a suitable payment arrangement - especially considering the recent mental health issues I have disclosed to you. I will be querying the morality of issuing such a default notice when personal issues have been raised, along with the knock on effect form COVID on my own personal and the greater UK economy. Thank you, This was the reply I received from them. Dear Mr, Thank you for your email. I have updated the income figures onto your account and I have also updated your monthly creditor payments from £257.00 per month to £619.15 per month as per the financial statement you have sent to us. This is now showing you have a disposable income of £23.40 and you wish to offer £23.85 per month. We will be unable to review your offer of repayment until the changes in your circumstances have been confirmed and evidenced via the bank statement we have previously requested from yourself. I’m sorry you are disappointed in receiving a default notice however, as you are unable to continue paying your contractual payments as per your signed credit agreement and are unable to address the arrears on your account now you have returned back to work, this is the reason this has been issued to you. Kind regards Draft letter to Savvy pasted below. I haven't finished this yet, or asked for an outcome, but that will follow. I'm night shift this week, so may work on it then... Dear Sir/madam, AC No. I write with regard to the above numbered loan account that I have held with you since October last year. I took out a loan of £750 repayable at £28.27 per week over a period of 52 weeks. I maintained payments until I was furloughed from my work as a result of COVID-19. By this time, I had already repaid a total of £565.20 (20 repayments of £28.27. I notified Savvy by Live Chat that I had been furloughed and that I would struggle to make repayments. I also emailed them on 27th March to confirm my furlough as notified by my employer. They immediately asked for income/expenditure, which I did not find unreasonable at the time. However, the template they sent me was difficult to work with. I sought advice from National Debtline and compiled a comprehensive budget that I could use to send to all creditors. This would be a self service online budget that I could save and amend later depending on my up to date financial situation. A series of emails went back and forth as they chased me for elaboration of my financial situation – asking for payslips and asking if I could still make the contractual weekly payment. The reason I contacted them as that I could not. I had no clarity from my employer as to how long I would be on furlough for. In an email from my, I specifically requested email contact only as this would be easier. They had made repeated phone calls, which I could not always answer. Some of these calls were from unrecognised mobile numbers. During my email contact, I made Savvy aware that I was required to move in the summer, once the pandemic had reduced to a ‘safe’point. Savvy did eventually agree to reduced payments of £17.05 per month for two months, which I was able to afford. Other creditors had offered payments holidays, which Savvy did not offer. The payment schedule was for two months after which they started collections action once again. Another two months were agreed ending July 2020, after which they once again resumed collections activity. The phone calls, texts, emails have been excessive in my opinion. I have now returned to work, but have found the manner in which Savvy have treated me as a customer nothing short of bullying. They failed to take account fully, the COVID situation, continued to apply interest during my furlough period. They failed to take into account my well documented issues of family mental health, for my wife, and my children. They ignored the fact, that I am almost compelled into moving house. They have since wasted no time in issuing a default notice, which places my credit file at risk.
  19. To be fair, I had sent an old version of income/expenditure to them before, which made them think I was in deficit each month. I have now sent them my up to date figures. No doubt they will query them again and ask for open banking. I did have suspicions about using the open bank thing, hence asking for advice. They didn’t need it when I took out the loan, so they certainly don’t need it now. Many thanks fkofilee for that good advice.
  20. Hi there, Just a query regarding Savvy. I took out a loan with them in October 2019 for £750. This would be repaid over 52 weeks at £28.27 per week. I maintained payments on a regular basis until 20th March 2020 by which time I had paid a total of £565.40 (20 repayments of £28.27. I notified Savvy by live chat that I had been furloughed on 23rd March and would struggle too make repayments. i also emailed them on 27th March with confirmation of my furlough. They asked for Income/expenditure - not unreasonable but the template they asked me to use was shocking to say the least. I then sent them my own version drafted with help from National Debtline. This is a self service budget that I can amend and save as necessary. Long story short I am now back in work and my wages are back to normal. However, i am required to move house for personal reasons and the current landlord wanting the house back - well notified so there is no issue there. I have also kept Savvy up to date, especially as my family have suffered mental health issues in the early part of this year. Again i have notified Savvy, filled in a new IE form. This is the response I received. Thank you for your email. I have updated the income and expenditure form based on the information you have provided which shows you have a minus disposable income of £66.86, we allow £50.00 emergency cash which leaves a minus disposable income of minus £116.86. Can you please confirm how you make up the deficit each month? When the loan was issued in October 2019 an income and expenditure form was completed with you, can you please confirm the reason the following has increased. Rent/ Mortgage has increased by £1,162.00 Housekeeping has increased by £580.00 Household Bills has increased by £507.40 Car/ Travel has increased by £123.80 Social has increased by £150.00. Due to the changes to your financial circumstances we would need to see a 90 day copy of your bank statement. Please find below a link to a system we use calls open banking, please click on the link and log in your online banking details this will automatically generate a 90 day bank statement. LINK REMOVED. I have placed your account on hold until the 12th August to allow time for the bank statement to be sent in. They have now issued a default notice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I initiate a complaint against Savvy. I have maintained reduced monthly payments in line with what I can afford. Is it reasonable for Savvy to ask for access to my bank statements. They did not ask for them when I took out their loan.
  21. i've uploaded the photos above. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will probably get this appeal onto POPLA in the next few days. According to the signage, it states they have landowner's authority, so I will probably go down the road of unfair penalties and contract. I will also bring up the grace period and the signage being unclear from a drivers perspective. If anyone spots anything else, please let me know.
  22. Photos uploaded as requested. Hopefully this works this time. Many thanks. Parking Eye Signage.pdf
  23. Unfortunately not. This was the only suitable long stay car park within a reasonable walking distance to the job centre
  24. Unfortunately, I wasn't a customer at the hotel. The driver of the car was conducting interviews at the nearby job centre and couldn't return to the car within the time they had paid for. Just seems excessive to charge £100 for 20 minutes parking with 6 hours already paid for.
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