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  1. Ok...have e mailed local business rates dept who may provide some info. I will let you know if I get any further. Thanks!
  2. I may have to do some detective work to find out the manager's name then...but don't hold out much hope. Thanks for your input !
  3. Yes...the name on the judgement is the name of the company as I did not have name of manager/proprietor. Can't find any listing in Companies house . Believe it is a sole trader as no Ltd after their name on signage or business card which just has business phone number.
  4. In June 2010 I had carpet cleaned by a local dry cleaner. It is a lovely rug which I have had for 20 years and I have had it dry cleaned twice a year with no problems, but by a different dry cleaning company.. When they returned the rug all the colours in it had run. I visited them on several occasions speaking to at least 3 different "managers" but was fobbed off. I then wrote 3 letters stating my case for some compensation from them, but they were not acknowledged. I submitted my case to the small claims court and then waited! Finally this February I requested a judgement and received
  5. Before I spend any more money getting a judgement enforced for small claim of 350, should I write to dry cleaners one last time to get them to pay up? They have not responded to any of my letters or responded to any court correspondence. What should such a letter contain .
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