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  1. Thanks for that. So basically my claim is shut down completely. Will this UC replace the current ESA [problem]?
  2. I'm on HB so 'repairs' are down to the landlord. I'm using pliers to work the cooker, walking on threadbare carpets and sleeping on loose springs. Even with a holiday I doubt I could satisfactorily spend over £18k. Thanks for the tip though.
  3. Hi I'll try and keep it short. I'm currently in receipt of sickness (longterm) related Income Support and Housing Benefit. Anytime soon I'm expecting a lump-sum payment which will take me over the £16k savings criteria (I assume this is still the max limit) which means I'll no longer be entitled to receive these benefits. My query is what actually happens to my current claim? Fag packet maths say I'll be below the £16k in around 15 months time where I would be entitled to some benefits. I dont expect my health to improve during this time. Is it a case of starting afresh
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