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  1. I have just received notice of the annual rent increase from my (Housing Trust) landlord. Whilst the rent increase is within the legal guidelines, in this case 2.7%, the increase in service charge is closer to 70%. This increase is due to the previously £0.28 per week charge for fire alarm/safety maintenance being increased to £6.04 per week. As there are 24 flats in the building this comes to £144.96 per week or £7537.92 per annum to "maintain" 3 low maintenance communal alarm systems (each group of 8 flats has a separate hallway and alarm panel). This rise of over £7000 per annum fr
  2. After passing a Fork lift course in November last year I am now being "offered" the "opportunity to attend an open day run by Staffline DHl at a local college who are offering a training course specific to the local Land rover/Jaguar plant with a guaranteed interview with JLR at the end. The bait being the "Good wages" and secure job etc. However, a little research shows that 80% off the staff at JLR (Halewood) are Temps provided by Staffline DHL and are not paid anything like the rate JLR staff are. This company exploits a loophole in the regulations regarding temp workers and equal pay
  3. I have also been informed that it is to become mandatory to allow DWP access to my UJM. In my case I was given a load of nonsense about "the Government winning a court case" (?) and all UJM data now being stored behind a "government firewall not at Monster.com which makes everything all legal and ok". Non compliance will apparently mean having to come into the JC daily to use one of their 3 "soon to be 15" computers (along with about 1000 other people). When asked about some kind of user guide to UJM he very kindly pointed me in the direction of...... The UJM toolkit ! talk about shooting
  4. You say they have your phone number and email adress, can you remember if they asked you how you prefered to be contacted ?. They are supposed to use your "prefered contact method" to contact you, even if you have specified otherwise they usually use the phone. You have good grounds to question why they have sent you a letter if they have your phone number and your prefered method of contact is the phone. I have just finished WP but got the date wrong on my last appointment, Ingeus had "tried to Phone" me ( I've no phone, told them 3 times the number they have is unknown to me), my new J
  5. Hi all, I had an appointment with my pimp at Ingeus today, when he noticed that the majority of my job applications had been made via email, he demanded that I log on to my Email Sight and show him the contents of my "sent" folder (allegedly "mandatory"). My sent folder was EMPTY:oops:, this of course led to a demand to know why and a thinly veiled accusation of not telling the truth, my answer at the time was "dont know, maybe the settings?". Having now checked I can confirm, (for Yahoo users at least), that copies of sent Emails ARE kept by default, but this setting is optional. You
  6. Hi all. Bit more on my earlier post on e-mail and passwords, Ive just noticed the changes to the DWP jobsearch website. A lot of the jobs on there now have an "apply" tag this takes you to a registration page where you create a Login and Password, I'm assuming this is what was being refered to and not as I first thought E-mail passwords, sorry, getting paraniod in my dotage:oops:
  7. G4C... It was the Liverpool City centre office, but as I said, it was a conversation between two clients, no advisors names where mentioned. It was obvious from the short conversation I had with them that they were "new" to I.T. and one at least had been "pursuaded" that it was necessary to create an E-mail account and give the password to his advisor. A previous poster made referance to their "advisor" looking over their shoulder when using the computers and suspected them off looking for their password ? As Nimitz say's, the idea that you have to give your password to anyone is male
  8. Hi All. I was in Ingeus Liverpool today and overheard a conversation (between two"clients") about "HAVING to give your E-mail PASSWORD" to Ingeus ! I pointed out to them that this was a breach of their right to privacy under Data protection laws and aked if it was anything to do with the Universal job search, which as far as I'm aware is presently optional, but was told they had just been told they "Had To" under "New Rules" IF Ingeus are asking for E-mail passwords be aware that if they access your email address they also have access to :......... Your Private communications and
  9. Hi all, Has anyone got any Info on Fork lift courses run by "The Retail Academy" in Liverpool? I have been offered "Fork lift training" By Ingeus, But, AFTER agreeing (and the initial "mandatory" appointment being made) I was informed that I first had to do a four week Retail course. Before I could attend unfortunately, I had an accident resulting in me being on ESA for a few months. I'm now back with Ingeus and waiting to be put on this course, BUT a friend is in the final week of it and informs me NO Fork Lift training is available due to "lack of funding". I was originally offe
  10. I have added this to the bottom of my cv, Data protection act 1998. This document is provided for administrative purposes only. No permission to reproduce, distribute, share, or disseminate the information contained within is granted or implied by its submission. Any violation of these conditions will be reported to the Office of the Information Commissioner and may result in criminal prosecution And this to my application letter template. Feel free to cut and paste! This email transmission including any attachments is confidential and may also contain information that i
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