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  1. Hi Paul The email sent to PC World Customer Services ref PCW1499646CR did have full details and I have now redirected this to you at the let us know email address. Regards Crofter
  2. Hi Paul I already did email you at that address - to ask you to reply to this thread! So thank you in that respect, however, I would point out that all the details you have asked for, yet again, were sent to PC World Customer Services ref PCW1499646CR - which by your own admission you found details of on your system. The email to PC World also contained a mobile number, so I guess I will wait, yet again, for you to contact me. regards Crofter
  3. Yep - and whatever you do, don't buy a Kodak ESP 3250! Or in my case any Kodak printer for that matter.
  4. Hi Paul This might give you an indication of how I feel right now. I have just spent time and money on a wasted phone call to the number you quoted above. I could not get any reference as to my conversation, just a name, Kyle, who informed me that as this is still in Manufacturer's warranty it cannot be booked in for repair, I have to contact Kodak. When I challenged that statement against your response above stating that because it was in warranty PC World would look to test and repair if possible, on advice from his manager Kyle told me I had to phone th local branch and discuss wi
  5. Hi Paul Thank you for your offer, however I am far from happy as I still believe that this printer is not fit for purpose and I have lost all confidence in this particular model being able to fulfill my expectations of a working printer. This is borne out by it having been operational for no more than 6 months or less at a time before something goes wrong. My alternative proposal is that I am offered a credit note to the value I initially paid for the printer so that I can buy another make which hopefully will fulfill my expectations of having a working printer, even if I have to p
  6. Hi Paul I did email PC World and it was the KNOW-HOW Team who rang me and said they could do nothing it was up to Kodak. Case ref PCW1502228CR for full details. So are you now saying that I can get a refund from PC World? Any info on what to do next would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi, have tried to search to see if anyone else has had same issue but haven't managed to find anything. After reviewing many printers, I bought a Kodak ESP 3250 from PC World 8th Jan 2011. Beginning of June 2011 after changing ink cartridges the printer developed an error message that would not clear, so I contacted Kodak support team for help. After following all instructions and nothing working they sent me a replacement printer 17th June 2011. October 2011 the printer developed the same fault so I contacted Kodak again, this time Kodak offered a replacem
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