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  1. Thanks all for the good advice, PE are writing direct to my employer rather than the lease company now but my employer hasn't disclosed my details as driver and are just passing the letters to me. I am going to ignore if and until I receive official court documentation. Hopefully my employer will bear with me. So file all in BIN cabinet and hope for the best !
  2. Now received FINAL NOTICE which states that unless I pay £120 they threaten instructing solicitors, court action and even bailiffs ! I am now officially worried. Lease company and employer are just sending letters directly to me so that's not causing a problem but I really don't want to worry about any of the above. Letter comes from PA's legal department. Help would be appreciated !
  3. I have told them I have checked my company car policy and that I am responsibly for parking fines, but this is not a legally enforcable fine so I am not prepared to pay it. The problem is they can pass admin fees to me to pass on any correspondance relating to the car. I haven't been with my employer long so don't really want to get them involved as all this communication is going on via my HR department. Help !
  4. Problem continues as my lease company have contacted me to say they are going to pass my details to parking eye as the named driver. Does this mean that I will be liable to pay ? All threads I've read say PE do not have a case if they can't identify driver of the vehicle. I know advise is to not communicate at all but I only wrote to PE to try and avoid more payment demands / admin costs from the lease company, I gave my registration number but not my personal details. Worried now that they will have a case - can anyone advise what I should do ?
  5. Following on from my last post....I have taken all advice and only wrote to parking eye to advise that I didn't acknowledge any contract with them or any debt. I only wrote as I didn't want my lease company to get involved or my company to make payment on my behalf. Now received ANOTHER letter from PE saying my 'appeal' was unsuccessful?! and that non payment of fine will lead to enforcement action. Can this happen ? I am getting worried now. I have told my lease company that I have taken appropriate advice and will not accept the fine. I think the lease company will eventually give PE my pers
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice ! I will keep everyone posted if anything else develops
  7. Thanks for the reply, I hope that this is the end of it. Ironic that I spent a significant amount of money at the services at the time, these companies shouldn't be alowed to try and rip people off
  8. Can anyone advise ? I have a company car from a lease company who have forwarded to my employer several payment demands from ParkingEye. I apparantly overstayed the 2 hour free period at Charnock Richard motorway services by 55 minutes, although I would estimate it was around 30 minutes. I have now received several Parking Charge Notices demanding payment up to £120 including an admin fee. I have read forums about Parking Eye and have so far ignored the notices, but they continue to come and I am getting worried! Parking Eye do not know my name or personal details, nor do the lease company. Sh
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