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  1. I think if you asked the average working man on the street where he would rather see his money go. A single early 20's girl or lad who haven't worked a day in their lives. Or a wounded soldier returning from fighting for his country. There would be a resounding thumbs up for the soldier.
  2. Nice to hear praise on this forum. We often forget the thousands of happy customers that buy new cars every day. Also a shout out to Hyundai at Peterlee. My father in law bought a second hand tucson from another dealer. Had a couple of small issues few months later. Took it into them as it was in its 5th year of the 5 year warranty. They fixed it and even valeted the car for him at no charge.
  3. Funny you saying that helios, We had one in about 4 month ago with exactly that problem. Good to know about the reason it affects only that injector. How the hell halfrauds got to £900 for a head gasket is beyond me. Need to put my labour prices up I think!
  4. Oh come on seamus. Anyone with an ounce of sense would realise a deposit is an agreement to buy. It might be refundable if it wasn't as described but not just because you changed your mind. How do you know the car is sold? It is still showing as available on the site. Also how do you know what it physically sold for?
  5. Ford diesels the same. Its a stretch bolt and has to be changed each time.
  6. Hang on a minute. From the very start you said your friend wasn't a motor trade professional. But as it turns out, you now admit that he is. Sorry to say this, but as you have contradicted your story several times over the course of the thread. I am disinclined to believe anything you say. PS. The police (ex policeman or not) have never taken anything to do with consumer law as it is a civil matter not a criminal one. Ex solicitor just managed to email you, but at the same time you complain of not being able to contact a moderator through email.
  7. Quite how you can call what I posted as codswallop is beyond me conniff. Firstly I provided proof including the exact section of the DSR regulations defining it. Secondly, you contradict yourself in post #22. You quote me as posting from DSR regs.: goods or services where the price depends on fluctuations in the financial markets which cannot be controlled by the supplier. But go on to say that goods aren't controlled by financial markets??? The bank rate is what the bank of England sets as its level in lending to domestic banks eg santander etc. Libor is what the banks themselves set as the interest when lending between themselves. It has nothing to do with consumers. I am as entitled to an opinion on this forum as any other user. As a moderator you should be above deleting posts which contradict what you would like to believe. Or ones that member sailor sam wants removed as they cotradict him.
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414591-Distance-Selling-Regs-and-Cars-***-Discussion-Thread-*** The missing posts with regard to the legalities of DSR's.
  9. Why do you fear the seller reading this thread? There are no details which identify you personally in the opening thread. Even if someone did manage to trace and contact the seller. Wouldn't it be in the interest of fairness for him to be able to give his side?
  10. Believe me Mike, I want to see crooked traders out the game as much as everyone else. But I can also see it from both sides. The OP here bought a car aware the advisories it required. She even had somebody inspect the car on her behalf prior to purchase. She then had an inspection carried out which included dismantling of steering components. The problems found are by and large just an increased wear on those previously outlined advisories. Now, in law as soon as another garage has actually dismantled parts the selling garage can wash their hands of it. I'm not saying that is ethically right or wrong, it is simply what the law says. After all an MOT tester cannot remove any parts during a test. At some point we are all responsible for our actions. I think yes probably OP has bought a bad 'un. But in the eyes of the law I don't think the trader is being unfair in saying you bought an £800 banger, now live with it.
  11. I have drawn up an invoice for payment from you which includes expenses such as the £20 fuel, £30 tracking, £55 inspection fee from the garage I took it to. Then there is the £877 that I paid for the actual vehicle (£77 of that is veh tax). This brings the total to £982. I have underlined the amounts that are compensation for you indigo.
  12. Well no he put you in a banger with MOT advisories which you had read which were issued 6 months previous and in your previous deleted posts you declared you expected to fix.
  13. Just about spot on there bob. £1450. Also as you well know 20% of that margin goes straight to the government.
  14. Can guess exactly which motor group your thinking about scania! Kwik fit-up rep. You are notorious within the motor industry for this type of practice. OP tell everyone you meet your experience. Trading standards et al cannot and will not do anything. But with any luck kwik fit-up will lose their customers.
  15. Just because you didn't hear the response you wanted doesn't make us honest forum users wrong. There is no point in saying you would win any legal argument when it is clear you wont.
  16. It was a 80k? citroen picasso 2005 from memory. To put this into perspective, I gave £900 for a 2004 one in the trade just before christmas to fill a hole in my line up.
  17. Hang on a minute, you saw one a year older for 33% more than you paid at another traders round the corner. Your seller had it in his reduced clearance (death row) line up at a reduced rate. At no point did it occur to you there was a reason it was so much cheaper. Also what was the point of this friend looking at it for you if they had no mechanical knowledge. If anything they had a vested interest in you getting a new car so they could buy your old one.
  18. Changed your opening post again indigo. Did you forget about the garage you employed removing the bottom pin? As in altered the car. Yes I am a motor trader & I also know consumer law better than the majority on here.
  19. Actually yes you did ask for compensation, along with the list of faults, the garage report in your initial post. The wording of the original advert. You have now edited that post to try and not look foolish. Ed gasket, Todays consumers seem to think that they shouldn't be responsible for themselves. It is always somebody elses fault when they have made a mistake.
  20. Yes I am a trader and know the law. But again, read the post above which gives you the exact legislation. The trader can easily prove £500 loss. £300 drop in CAP, Possible loss of sales.
  21. Unable to read sam? In fact it was your link that proved it. But just for you, it is: Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 Reg 13(1)(b) Yes it has fluctuated at £300 between December & January in CAP black book. PS. Goods are goods, in what way could they be considered precious metals.
  22. Well they should of also said that you cannot do anything to the vehicle if you want to reject it. The minute your garage removed that bottom pin they invalidated any warranty. Also the majority of what you quote are just wear and tear & are there in black and white as advisories on the MOT 6 months earlier.
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