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  1. My union rep seems to be pushing me towards the lower paid role, I have already told him I dont want to accept this if I dont HAVE to.
  2. But i did not disclose anything when I completed the form, I have been accredited 3 or 4 times now with no issues, so how would this be dismissal for illegality? I didn't mislead anyone My understanding of dismissal by reason of illegality is the person concerned is no longer allowed to work in the UK - not, in my case, a failure of continual accreditation? I am a UK citizen.
  3. Hi There is nothing in the hand book about this, the only thing I can find is in the job description where it says must be able to maintain accreditation. This was not in the job description when I joined, this is all I can find. Our hand book covers the position below me (the job I was offered) and hardly mentions my role as the company says that the two roles are identical except the accreditation part. I do have a union rep but Im after as much advice as I can get, i have a meeting today (informal) to discuss my postition, union rep will not be there with me.
  4. Hi There is also another employee who has a IVA (this is also a condtion that is not normally accepted) the reason that the BTP allowed this person to continue his employment is becacuse he did put this down on a preiveious form but the BTP didnt pick this up and accredited this person. BTP switched this year to a civvy company (as BTP used to do the checks themselves) to carry out the accreditation checks and this company found out that the person had an IVA and refuesd his accreditation, the person appleaed and won it on the grounds that he had been accepted before! - I was told that im my case because my dire finacial situation it is a new case I would not stand a chance of appleal. Its an accreditation process that allows us as in me certian police powers -(access to police PNC and other information) which is why it is continual
  5. Ok Ill try and get this all in. I have been employed in my current position for 6.5 years. Thisrole requires vetting in the form of Accreditation from the BritishTransport Police, (I work on the railway) I have to complete my accreditation forms every 2 years. This yearI have failed my accreditation - which is due to having defaulted onmy credit cards and I also have a CCJ I have been experiencing financial difficulties due to paying out£750 per month child care costs (over the last 2 years) Anyway my employer has offered me a lower paid position (verysimilar job, but no accreditation needed) its £2k less than mycurrent job. Obviously this lower paid job is going to cause more financialstrain on me. The reason I failed the vetting is because of the CCJ and defaulted Credit cards...but I have been doing this job for nearly 7 years.... Is there anything I can do? I am at my wits end......HELP
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