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  1. What did you do? similiar circumstances HELP pls!
  2. I was convicted of having no insurance recently after a mix up with insurance companies. As a new driver i was given 6 penalty points. Yesterday (sat 16 june 2012) i received a letter from dvla saying my licence would be revoked with effect from 5 days from date of letter (13 june 2012). I was stopped by police at 01.00 hours today and they told me my car was not insured. I explained i had a short term policy cover with ecar from 16 june until 19 june and proved this on ipad via emails from ecar. Then they said my licence was revoked. I explained i got the letter yesterday and it said 5 days? They have seized my car! I found the letter from dvla and contacted police. They came to my house i went outside gave them the letter and insurance proof. They were very rude and said it was the 18 june today; i explained there was no time on letter and 18 june surely lasts until 11.59 this evening? They just drove off? Basically i just need to know where i stand and if the 5 day warning of revokement of licence is inclusive so i can get my car released! P.s i am not a boy racer; i am 40 and me and my family are already being harassed by police after a recent complaint not directly relating to myself. Thanks in advance julieI
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