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  1. Thanks Coniff, Yes we are taking action against them, been told its unlikely anything will come of it though which is a shame Will leave it as it is then thanks Just a quick question regarding it, do I then fill the form in saying I admit it but saying its already paid? Also does this get logged against me on my file? Thanks for all your help
  2. Hiya Coniff, Yeah thats pretty much it, the prize arrived and I sold it on, they were then confirmed by the company but it went into administration afterwards, contacted Consumer Direct etc but not a lot they could do Have arranged to transfer money later this week ( when paid ) but wanted to know if I keep that in place or if I am better sending payment to them by cheque?
  3. Hiya the claim is for £2400 ( the value I sold it for ) - prize was worth £4000 I have been sent an admission form which I need to respond to within 14 days
  4. Hello all, I am in need of some advice please regarding a county court claim against me I won a competition for a prize which I sold onto someone ( prize was for a service ) but unfortunately the company went into administration, this has led to the prize not being honoured. I had since used the money to pay off some debts ( as was not expecting the company to collapse ) My question is I have 14 days to respond but had set up a transfer for the end of the week anyway ( when I get paid ) is that the best way still to do this? or am I better sending a cheque/ bankers draft? Also if I can then show its paid do I still send the forms off? and does that still count as a judgement against me on my credit file? Many thanks Not been in this situation before- bit scary
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