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  1. Thanks, once ive gotten over the shock of the report im going to go through it , with a find tooth comb, all the covering letter states is that the tribunal service will be in touch , is it wise for me to call then if i can or wait to hear?
  2. Hi HB And thank you for replying, i received it through the post today 16th June it reads as though im complete storyteller and they seemed to have taken no notice of my Drs or hospital letters Thanks Claire
  3. Hi There Just a little note about me for 3 years have suffered with Chronic Pain of the lower back and neck heading into my wrists, i am on high quantities of morphine to balance the pain, I am under a pain clinic which i go regularly , and awaiting operations on my wrists. I worked up until a year ago @ at £20,000 a year job, i gave it up due to ill health this was accepted with myself and employer. After a year of being on ESA assessment phase and having my ATOS medical which proved me healthy, on then appealing which again proved me healthy I now have to go to Tribunal, i understand that this is a common occurrence, but after receiving my appeal documentation back i feel as though they are going to say no at the tribunal, could anybody advise on timescale, whether i have to claim JSA or that they will keep me on the assessment phase, any help would be appreciated.
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