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  1. Any vehicle with a fully laden weight above 2.0 tonnes and is not car derived (e.g Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta) is classified as a goods vehicle and subject to lower speed limits. Even a Ford Transit Connect which has a gross laden weight of 2040 kg, is classified as a goods vehicle and subject to the lower speed limits of 50 mph on single carriageways and 60 mph on dual carriageways. Not many van men are aware of that and I have trained a good few.
  2. Just a small observation. Would not the OP have paid annual leave if he was a salaried employee? If so, he will not have suffered financially from having to take annual leave.
  3. I thought automatic vehicles had a torque converter as opposed to a clutch.
  4. It is not illegal to overtake or enter a "boxed" chevron area if the white line bordering the chevrons is broken and it is necessary and safe to do so . If the area is bordered by a solid line, it is illegal to enter the chevron area. (Highway code - rule 130).
  5. In your paragraph 5, you inadvertently admit to being the driver because you state that "the defendant was unaware of any signs until alerted to them" - - and you ARE the defendant.
  6. Be aware that the 5 year warranty does not include wear and tear any of the following: Clutch disc 24 Months 60,000 Miles Brake Friction Linings 24 Months 20,000 Miles V Belts 24 Months Unlimited Mileage Oil Filter (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Air/Fuel Filter (Service Item)Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Spark Plugs (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Air Con Re-gas (no defect evident) Up to Maximum 6 Months 10,000 Miles Adjustments Up to Maximum 6 Months 10,000 Miles Wiper Blades 12 Months 10,00 0 Miles Fuses 12 Months 10,000 Miles Bulbs 12 Months 10,000 Miles Batteries 24 Months Unlimited Mileage Wheel Bearings Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Ball Joints Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Bushes 60 Months 60,000 Miles Track Rod End 60 Months 60,000 Miles Dampers, Struts Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Rubber Components 60 Months 60,000 Miles Tyres Warranty is handled by the tyre manufacturer.
  7. You probably have one of those new fangled gadgets called a telephone. Call the DVLA and tell them what you have written here. Simples.
  8. I think your friend is approaching this issue in the wrong way. He "feels" the car is sluggish. Why not just return it to where it was purchased and ask them nicely to investigate the problem. Talking about the Consumer Rights Act with a view to returning the vehicle or calling the manufacturers press office is a wee bit premature in my view.
  9. I have the same make and model from Dec 2015 with 14k miles on the clock. If it is from 2015, it is still under the manufacturers warranty of 3yrs-unlimited mileage. Qne thing to note; if it is the diesel version, make sure that there is sufficient AdBlue (fuel additive - google Adblue). This needs to be topped up from time to time and the refill tank is in the boot under the spare wheel.
  10. I hope that you realise that your Provisional Driving Licence is valid for 10 years.
  11. I think it only covers your vehicle if it has been in an accident or is stolen. Have you actually activated your Skoda Ensurance cover?
  12. Symptoms similar to yours have been reported for various iterations of the Insignia. 1. Timing chain tensioner and 2. Rear Parcel shelf rattling. Sounds very simple but get both checked out.
  13. Just go to the Admiral website. The lines below are copied verbatim: Your Admiral car insurance policy covers you for driving in most EU countries, including: Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands Any other country which is a member of the European Union Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Croatia You won't need to contact us before driving in any of these countries as long your trip does not exceed 30 days, but you will need to take your Certificate of Motor Insurance with you.
  14. This might provide you with a rough guide. http://cllegal.co.uk/resources/personal-injury-claims-payout-guide/
  15. The fact that they have spoken to CAB should not worry you. They are a charity and do not provide legal advice. If legal advice is required, they will normally refer you to a lawyer or solicitor. I suspect that the advice they provided related to goods returned to a shop or online entity who have the right to inpect the returned goods for damage. I also suspect that the original sellers did not elaborate on the nature of the "goods" being collected. Do not worry. Just follow the instructions in post #73
  16. No win : No fee just means you don't pay them anything if they lose. If you/they win, prepare to be shocked at what proportion of the payout they take. Unite will offer free legal assistance and you will keep 100% of the settlement.
  17. These check codes are valid for 21 days and are generated from data that you have provided and derived from your driving licence number, your national insurance number and the post code as shown on your driving licence. Most often, problems are incurred because, either, your licence was not issued in England, Scotland or Wales OR you have used the postcode from your current address which may be different to that shown on your licence. As you have already received check codes, why not get a mate, partner or somebody you know well to verify the codes for you? This way, you will be able to see whether the codes are good or invalid due to a transcription error or one of the reasons given earlier.
  18. Was it a Peugeot or a Citroen? Peugeot do not have a C3 model.
  19. I am also disabled and driving an adapted vehicle. A company called Brig Ayd manufactures and fits adaptions to Volvo estates and I suggest that you give them a call. All their contact details can be found online. By the way, I am not connected with them in any way, shape or form.
  20. Some years ago, when anyone passed their driving test, they were issued with a pass certificate which had to be sent to the DVLA in order for a full licence to be issued. If this was not sent to the DVLA within the prescribed (2 year) period a new driving test had to be taken. The 10 year expiry on your UK licence only refers to the photo; it does not affect your entitlement to drive. You can renew it without penalty upon your return to the UK. Good advice from BazzaS in post #6.
  21. Does your sister-in-law actually use the car for work purposes or only for commuting to, and from, work?
  22. Good info from Aretnap but just to be absolutely clear; receiving 6 or more points in the 2 years following your (first) practical test pass will result in the revocation of your licence by the DVLA. This means you will need to apply for a new provisional licence and take both the theory and practical tests again.
  23. If Skypark were able to send a person to meet you upon your return, they must be in possession of your details and car reg. no.
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