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  1. I have an old business debt which I thought had been paid off. I have received no communication from the company that I owe the money to, to say that it's still outstanding, I've just received notice N271 to say it's been referred to my local county court for enforcement. Am I correct in thinking that I can complete form N245 and send it to the court so that I can start repaying the debt as originally agreed? What do I do if the bailiffs come in the meantime, as the court are currently working on stuff received 10 days ago. Many Thanks
  2. Hello I came home today to find that a card had been put through my door from the local county court. There was a number on the card which told me to call it to make an immediate payment or they would be coming to seize my goods. A bit of background. I used to be a sole trader and unfortunately this business venture fell through. I couldn't repay one of my creditors so they took me to court and I received a summons. I filled in the relevant paper work on the summons and offered to repay them £5 a month. I continued to pay this for about 2 yrs, and then I had my son. Once I came home from hospital, I completely forgot about this debt. They didn't write to me or anything. I have received no communication with regards to this debt since the original arrangement was made. And now I have received the above. I am worried that they can come into my home and remove my goods, even though I don't trade any more. Do any of you have an advice for me?
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