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  1. Yes, I knew about the ticket, appealed but as so many other cases, lost. There was a discrepancy in the ticket as the traffic womble had the colour wrong, but apparently this is not a part of the requirements on a ticket??? I have not moved??? I don't know of this Freeman/Strawman Tatics, all I know is I 'owe' 'rossendales' NOTHING! pLUS, They can look all they like for my car, they won't find it! Also, their 'fee's' are £385.43, which I refuse to pay this extortion! To answer your final question, I sent a cheque off to Newcastle city council, to pay the original 'fine' BEFORE the time limit of 7/14 days, whatever it is, yet they claimed the did not receive it until after the time, so they returned it!? Thanks
  2. why in writing? What does that mean? I DON'T want letters from them either, I've NOTHING to do with 'capquest'? I've looked into blocking their number, but my crappy vodafone 555 won't let me, even been into the shop to tell them, 'nothing they can do' they replied.
  3. Hi, I have been receiving letters & calls from 'rossendales' too, regarding an 'un-paid parking ticket'. They keep adding 'their' charges on which is currently at £300+ , which I'm not paying. Now, they sent one of their monkeys round in a van Tuesday afternoon, saying I 'owed them the money', which I don't 'owe' them anything. I did not confirm my name when he knocked & refused to take his letter, which he threw into the front garden, hence littering, which I did point out.I also stated there was NO CONTRACT, which he seemed to think there didn't have to be one. He then said there was a 'levy' on the car & they were 'going to take it', to which I said they couldn't & had no right too, He seemed to differ... Anyway, I have since moved the car to another safe location, so good luck trying to find it! Now, I am a bit concerned to what will happen next? The clowns at the council have stated the money they're trying to recover was £82, yet 'rossendales' seem to think, with their 'charges', it's now £300+ What should I do next? They don't intimidate me......just some advice please? Thank guys...
  4. Hi, I have been receiving letters & more recently, like everyday, phone calls to my private mobile phone, from 'CAPQUEST'. They say I owe 'them', x amount of money from a debt owed to a credit card company, yes, I owe the credit card company, but NOT 'CAPQUEST'. Now, can anyone help me here? Are 'CAPQUEST' breaking the OFT laws by constantly harassing me with calling my personal number? They ring up all hours of the day, asking my name and to 'answer security questions' which I refuse each time, HANG ON-YOU CALLED ME! Why should I answer 'security questions', when you rang me??? I have even stated they are breaking the OFT laws, but they keep ringing me. It's got to the point where I'm playing games with them, like putting them on hold while I go do something else (if you want to waste my time, I'll waste yours!) Also, I am making a note of each time they call as evidence of harassment. Has anyone else had dealings or can anyone offer me some advice on the OFT laws regarding this please because I've had enough now! Thanks guys...
  5. sorry, i meant 14 days! so i sent the cheque 3 days AFTER they 'claimed' they didnt receive it til 28 days
  6. NO, nothing. just those... The 'fine' was £35, but I deducted the £1.10p I'd already paid. They said they'd received the cheque AFTER the 28 days required to pay( I did say this in msg above)
  7. I received;- PCN dated 19/07/11 I sent a cheque for £33.90p (which they claimed they received AFTER the 28 days) cheque dated;-22/07/11 I then received 'Notice to the owner' dated23/09/11 They sent the cheque back to me, dated;-05/12/11 Tony72
  8. Tony P. It is a council ticket. no court judgement t all, to my knowledge. no court hearing/judgement either.
  9. I had a parking ticket last year, however, the 'traffic womble' has put my colour of vehicle down as blue, when it is infact, green! I posted a copy of my log book as evidence, which was rejected. Is this a legal requirement regarding colour? (If not, then I will call the colour black, when really it is green!) Now they are threatening me with 'ROSSENDALES bailiffs'.....Any advice please? I have informed both parties they are denied access to my property & belongings.
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