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  1. ok thanks she has the money to pay the court fine in full but when she rang the fine department of the court she got an automated message to call another office that deals with fines then when she rang that number got another automated message with a number for fines with distress warrents this number is straight to marstons when we rang that number we gave up after half an hour of being on hold waiting for an advisor the whole process is a joke court sends a letter that she didn't get in time so then marston send a letter giving her a week that she didn't get also because she was in hospital as she had a caesarean they kept her in for 5 days after so had no chance of acting within the time they gave her to pay before they called round then they make an easy 230 to come round after she just comes out of hospital and can hardly get out due to having her stomach stapled up
  2. Hi I am after some advice on behalf of my daughter she had a court fine for no tv licence and struggled to pay it and unfortunately she put it to one side saying to herself she will sort it out and left it. All the while she was pregnant and was having a really bad time with it and due to her being ill with her pregnancy she came and stayed with me for the last few months of her pregnancy and when she returned home she found 2 letters from the bailiffs (marston) 1 saying the court had asked them to collect the 180 that she owed and another saying they had called round to collect the fine plus 85 plus another 230 she then told me about it in tears and said she didn't know bailiffs were involved as she was at my home when the court wrote to her and didn't return until it is too late so id like to ask you for some advice please I have been reading the forum and it looks like she has the right to file a Statutory Declaration to say that she didn't receive the letter from the court to take the fine to the bailiff in that case she has the money put away to pay the fine in full £180 but not the fees 1) how does she go about this (file a Statutory Declaration) I have tried all day to ring the court fine dept. and it is continually busy 2)should she ring marston and ask them to put any action on hold while she does this 3) she has just had a baby a week ago and had to have a caesarean section to give birth that has left her quite ill would this class her as vulnerable person and can get any action stopped this way as I said above she now has the money to pay the fine in full but not all the charges from the bailiff thank-you for looking jason
  3. thanks G its really anoying i paid them (cap one) in full snapped up the card and now they are dragging there heals and nobody will tell me anything about why it is taking so long they were quick enough to take the money each month for 5 years now im told just sit and wait thats why i came here for advice on how long it should take jason
  4. hi all, i have put in a claim for ppi from capital one, i went to a company called consumer finance claims ltd back in april this year ,they claimed it would take 12 weeks and it is now 7 months, when i ring them they just say they havent heard back from them as there is a backlog of claims , when i ask them for the details of my claim so i can reach capitol one directly they say "we dont advise you do that " .so can anyone tell me if these type of claims do take this long as far as i know they could just be keeping my money and saying they havent heard from them and be a rouge company .can i just contact cap one myself to ask what is going on ???? thanks in advance jason
  5. thanks for all you help i appreciate it thanks
  6. i didnt take out this loan i was told by door collector i was paid up.. now ive done my bit by telling the court this in defence and asked im my statement that robinsons prove with papers ect that i do owe this money this was 23 jan 2012 5 months ago so as they cannot show me proof is there a time limit for them to do so and surly as they havent responded cannot lawfully charge me intrest from the date my defence was submitted asking them for proof of this loan taken out in 2008 what i want to know is as they havent provided proof would i be wise to call 1 of the companys listed ie robinsons and ask what they are doing or keep quiet and hope they have found me in the right and hope i never hear from them again
  7. thanks uncle i dont think i made my question clear im worried that as they havent resonded to my defence can they still charge me 8% a year intrest and 48p a day and if they do ask to reopen the case will they make me pay all the costs as it wasnt my fault they didnt repsond in time or is that now frozen im not sure whether i should ring robinsons or not incase they start it all over again it says on the court papers that i should pay a different company called hegarty llp so should i call them ? there is even another company named as london scottish finance ltd so my other question is should i ring 1 of these 3 companys and find out if they have dropped the case or are just hanging it out for more intrest and then take me back to court
  8. thanks rebel and sorry for posting in the wrong section
  9. hi all id be really greatfull if i could have some advice i used to take out loans with a firm called morses door step collection sort of loan i had a few of thease 1 after the other(very tempting when an agent says do i want 500 quid now your loan is paid up) i was told id paid up by the agent and not long after met a wonderfull woman and couple of months later i moved in with her 50 miles away from my home and lost contact with the agent... then about 18 mths ago i got a letter from a company called robinsonway ltd saying i owed £2711 i thought it was a joke an ignored it then got a letter saying if i paid 10% the debt would be cleared ignored also, then in jam 2012 i got a claim form from northamton county court stateing they (robinsons) want to take me to court, i went on the .gov website and gave a defence that i never had such a loan and maybe someone took it out on my behalf blah blah and asked them to prove with documents that i owed this money as of today i have not heard anything more on this matter rang the northamton court and they said my defence was sent to them and they have put my case on hold permatly.and they will have to pay to reopen the case, i know i never borrowed this amount but i am worried about all the intrst they are charging as follows amount claimed=£2711.91 court fee=£75.00 solicitors costs=£80 total amount=£2866.91 plus it says in the court papers they are charging me 8% per year and a daily rate of 0.48 and costs #] would it be wise for me to call robinsons to see if they are still persueing this or should i just wait for a bailiff to knock im just worried that they will do this and take my belongings car ect as i have read so many horrer storys thanks for looking jason ...
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