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  1. I have accepted that my supervisor doesn't want him coming in and that's why he isn't coming in anymore even though my manager says he can come in if he wants. Maybe he was coming in too much. The main issue I told my manager about was the fact that she is treating me differently from others by openly arguing with me infront of a shop full of customers while i'm serving them and that she doesn't have a problem with others going in. That's not very professional. It is the way she has done it all. If a mystery shopper came in when she was doing that we would fail.
  2. I didn't go over her head my supervisor told my manager that my boyfriend had said something nasty to her so I told her what happened. Also my managers daughter works there so she had already told her anyway. So in these situations should I just let my supervisor get away with it and carry on? Just tell my manager that everything my supervisor is telling her is true even though its not?
  3. I spoke to my mananger today. I told her what my supervisor did and she couldn't believe it when I spoke to her about how my supervisor wants to ban my boyfriend from coming in and how she speaks to me infront of the customers. My manager doesnt mind him coming in because she sees that he just buys whatever he's getting and leaves. He only comes in early when I finish because I work by myself and he doesnt like me standing in a petrol station at night on my own. He stands away from the till when customers come in. My manager also says that she told my supervisor that if she wants to
  4. He's been coming in for years long before I even knew him. He just lives around the corner and it's a petrol station I work in so alot of people come in every day. I've told him not to come in anymore anyways and he's having to travel further to get his fuel now. So far she hasn't said anything but is still doing everything else mentioned such as arguing with me infront of customers and allowing other employees wives/boyfriends to come in etc.
  5. Hi, I've worked at the same company for 8 years and I started working there when I was 19. My supervisor is the mother of one of my good friends but I only see her when I'm in work. My boyfriend, who has been shopping there for years before we started a relationship, picks me up from work but comes into the shop 20 minutes before I finish and waits for me. Sometimes through the day he comes in to buy stuff, as he always did before,and he doesnt stay for more than a few minutes. Recently my supervisor has been acting really nasty toward him and the one time she spoke to him she told hi
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