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  1. Hi What is the best spreadsheet to use when working out unfair charges?
  2. The court was never asked to consider these. I will wait to see what the SAR brings back
  3. I didn't know this, I'll add this in to the total. I will also send off a SAR, I would have thought they would have charged interest on everything as the charges we capitalised into the balance
  4. Hi Received a statement of account yesterday listing all transactions from account start to date. There are several £35 arrears management fees added to the account and various solicitors costs. The solicitor costs in relation to the most recent eviction were £250 on a previous occasion/eviction I have been charged upto £1100 and was never told. What would be deemed as a reasonable amount for solicitors costs? I am starting to think banks welcome litigation as they may profit somehow from kickbacks etc Should I send in SAR still?
  5. Thank you DX. Will send off SAR in next few days, not quiet sure what to look out for though
  6. Just come out of the hearing Ell-enn. The claimant solicitors were very persisant in proceeding with the evition but the judge was very sympathetic and granted a suspension. I really appreciate your help with this, felt like a rabbit struck by headlights all dazed and confused. I am going to SAR them as I don't think I have been treated fairly throughout the history of this account. When I first got into trouble in 2010 I had agreed a lump sum payment to cancel the eviction and then when I got round to paying the agreed amount they changed the amount to a higher figure. I am stuck on the same product since mortgage was taken out and because the TMB have ceased trading there are no alternative products for me to move to even though the interest rates have dropped to record low. Precious arrears were capitalised without a clear explanation and various charges have been added to the account.
  7. Yes will do. Setting off now to submit my application to the court and get an emergency hearing.
  8. Do I need to fill the statement of truth on the form itself or is that my witness statement
  9. Thank you so much for this. Will need to tweak it slightly as they are willing to accept a lump sum payment and a sustainable payment towards the arrears. Does it cost £155 for the application
  10. I do not know, I asked for a list of these charges yesterday with the arrears dept and they have requested this but can take 7 to 10 days for the information to be provided in writing.
  11. Hi Ellis thanks for stopping by. 1. I can pay £120 towards the arrears in addition to normal payments. 2. 10 years left on mortgage 3. Full time employment with same employers since Aug 2015 3. 2 gorgeous children aged 8 and 12 4. Was suffering from depression and separation from Mrs. And also substance abuse. Have since reconciled with my wife and determined not to get evicted and have attended a couple off DAA sessions. I know this is last chance really but cannot get evicted as that would reply be the end of my marriage and the end of me. I have been on the phone to them throughout the day. Trying to get them to accept £120 towards thd arrears. I have set up a standing order for the normal and overpayments to take effect from same day as wages go in. Is the N244 Application £155 I can't even afford this was £35 Last time I did this. Thank you
  12. Thank you for this. I have been attempting to get legal help but did not get anywhere with any of my local firms. Just to add i have been on the phone today to clarify my options. They say they will take a payment of £2700 as lump sum towards arrears of just over £6000 if i can pay before eviction date and an offer towards the arrears. I cannot afford a lump sum at all. I have proposed verbally on several occasions and Just to add I found out today it was an outright possession order granted in 2010. This is my 3rd eviction. They also mentioned they applied for the courts permission and also to execute the warrant on the same day and we're both granted but I was not notified by the court or had an hearing Not sure what to put on the n244 or what to include or not include in an i&e as I need to put my offer to them in writing
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