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  1. Finally i won i got my cheque this morning for £2597.18 without the usual crap about keeping quiet.. thanks to everyone here for their help, I will be making a donation very shortly, im not going anywhere tho as i have a few other cases going on, but it nice to finally get what i deserve
  2. cant believe im stil waiting.... and on top of it i just recieved a letter from bridgend court saying its being transferd to cardiff court instead
  3. i was moved to my local court, then i just recieved a letter stating its been moved yet again to cardiff court
  4. well i just had a letter yesterday about my claim being moved yet again, it was allocated to bridgend the handed in aq and now its been moved despite noone asking for it to be moved.... stil no cheque
  5. lol well il be starting on my girl friends accounts next
  6. well i will say i finally got my dpa request info back from cap one and citi cards. im waiting to win my nat west to take barclays and woolwhich to court, and the others will be ready also so will be fighting like 4 cases at once then lol bring it on
  7. you have a couple of options, but first of all dont worry about it, its a standard letter from cobbetts.. either send back the usual letter here saying that cpr wont fall under small claims and that poc is fine and covers everything, or even send the letter from my post at the top of this page. dont worry about it, everyone gets the same thing
  8. Im gutted, mine wasnt, it was my access request info from citi cards... oh well i need to wait a little longer. sucks tho
  9. thanks fella. i am really hoping that i can spend in the sales hehehe
  10. well i hope that its both our cheques
  11. i got home to find a delivery slip from the post office from saturday, stating that there was a special delivery waiting for me to collect..... considering the amount of people getting cheques on saturday im hoping that this is mine, wont know until tomorrow though
  12. well i got home to find a recorded delivery slip for a spcial delivery on saturday, prob is i have only just gone home, so will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if its a cheque
  13. well im hoping when i finally get home mine is there..... be real funny if it was, im about a week or so behind u guys.. but as im not staying at my house i wont know til tonight...
  14. I will take it all the wy until i am satisfied that all my conditions are met, i am not going to agree to any confidentiality unless they pay me for the previlage. and then as soon as they do il slap them for the rest but il cut out all the usual crap and just state that they declined to refund as before
  15. I was shutting it even if they didnt, thing is they have taken another 200 in charges since so depending on what happens here il start another claim for those too
  16. yeah i have an account set up with the coop, had a few issues though cause of natwest kept putting me overdrawn with charges, but coop gave me one and i have now had my wages changed over ready for next month. let this be a lesson for u all, make sure u got that account sorted
  17. thats cool, why not make a point of making sure any solicitor in the country is aware of what they are doing, so they all give the banks a wide birth
  18. me either, but i have put in a complaint about the way i have been treated, look on the bright side i suppose, they dont need to send the bayliff now for my card as the hole in the wall swallowed it. I wrote another letter last night to the courts about them shutting it early and making me leave work to collect my money.... I explained that it has now caused me problems in work as i work in retail, and this time of year we are all needed . if it goes to court il ask them to consider all this in the case
  19. well guess what, I got paid this morning, tried to take money from my account and the machine swallowed my card, i didnt have time to wait for the bank to open as i had to get to work, Then i recieve a call ay 11am telling me that unless i want a cheque sent to me, i better come to the bank by 1pm as they were shutting my account early, and if i dont go and withdraw my money, then they would send a cheque to me which would take 28 days to come. I had to take time off work to draw out my money, when i got there i was told cause it was over 1,000 then i had to give them 5 days notice, i said how am i suppose to do that when your shutting my acount in half an hour... manager came out and said just give him money from his account as ive had an email from head office saying to expect him, and to enter into no conversation about anything else other than the withdrawl of his money I then had to walk through town with nearly 1500 in my pocket and the risk of being mugged, especially since i wasnt even allowed an envelope to put it in What customer service huh?
  20. I wouldnt worry about it, they wont persue it, however here was the responce i sent to the cpr part18 request, they then sent the aq back with nothing in the further info box, maybe this will prevent them wasting others time. pursuant to a CPR Part 18 Request Dear Sir, In response to your request for further information and clarification as requested for by Cobbetts acting on behalf of NatWest Bank PLC, pursuant to your CPR Part 18 Request, dated *********** 2006. The information you request has been provided previously in the schedules attached to each letter of correspondence to yourself and NatWest Bank at every stage of this claim. However, to clarify further I offer a more comprehensive breakdown of the claim’s finer details. As to part 1 of the request, whereupon you query as to ’what account’ we are dealing with, surely this is clear. All account details are on the attached schedule, and have been provided consistently with each letter of correspondence. Is there really still doubt over which account and branch this claim appertains to? As to Part 2 of the request, whereupon you ask me to identify the date, amount and reason of each charge, once again the attached schedule lists the finer details of all the above. As to Part 3 of the request, whereupon you ask why we are contesting the charges and why we should not have been charged each amount, the answer is again clear. We contest the legality of your client’s charges and need to see a breakdown of your client’s charge structure to ascertain exactly what level of disproportionate charging has taken place. However, this request has been ignored throughout this claim. This information, which NatWest appears reluctant to offer is the matter of contention in this case. If you were to offer a full breakdown of the costs incurred to Natwest Bank PLC where there has been a charge, then and only then could we come to a clear understanding whether such a high charge is disproportionate or not. It is my belief that they are disproportionate and as such contrary to common law and consumer regulations. If you could supply us and the courts with this information we would clearly understand exactly how disproportionate or otherwise they are. However, you have consistently been reluctant to share with myself or the courts a breakdown of such costs appertaining to each charge. Therefore, for further clarification, I raise the following points and ask for a more detailed response from yourselves to help us settle this matter. If NatWest Bank PLC are claiming their charges are ‘fair and reasonable‘, I contest this. Moreover, I believe they exceed each transgression and are disproportionate contrary to common law and consumer legislation. Without the benefit of a detailed breakdown of your costs, here’s why I believe the charges are disproportionate to offer further clarification of my claim number: ******* NatWest claim their charges are ’fair and reasonable’. However, their method of charging its customers is an automated process. As such and being that the process operates many thousands of times each day and millions each year, it is fair to assume that the cost of it is spread over this huge number of transactions and is shared equally between them. Without a clear breakdown of your client‘s costs, one can only assume this cost. As it is automated and spread across a wide range of customers I assess that this cost is most probably less than 50p per transaction. Unless you can clearly offer evidence to the contrary, why should it cost any more? If NatWest Bank PLC do not contest this issue and are instead claiming that their charges are the price of a contractual service, then I claim that their price exceeds what is reasonable as required by S.15, Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. In it, S.15 says that where no price is agreed at the time the contract is made, that a reasonable price will be implied. I believe this not to be the case when charging £35 per automated refusal? A bank is a High Street business. Normal mark-ups on the High Street businesses are 100%. It would not be reasonable for Banks to mark up significantly higher than this without a full and detailed explanation to their customers. I hope this response has covered all aspects of your request for further information satisfactorily? For a fair and reasonable hearing I would expect you on behalf of NatWest to offer a detailed summary of how their costs appertain to each charge as listed, or offer a settlement in full for my claim. Yours sincerely ********* CC ******* County Court This is also in this thread somewhere, it was posted her by someone else, so i take no credit for me, but it give them the info they require while making them look like a bunch of mupets at the same time, lol
  21. Congrats matey, It just goes to show no matter what they throw at us we wont back down, and then they pay..... well im only about 2 weeks behind you, however as u read from my thread the tatics are getting a little stronger, they closed my account ths morning, i got paid and they called me to come and get it so they could just mt account... I sent them a complaint along with the oft and to cobbetts and cc'd the courts about all the intimadation. so now unless every single term is met they will have to go to court, maybe i could get full disclosure lol.. anyway fella have an excellent xmas. and have a drink for me Tony
  22. we need to make sure that everyone knows about this site. once u have been paid out make sure everyone knows about this place.. they will have confidence in it when they know someone it worked for
  23. im sure the courts will see what is happening
  24. and that wont happen cause if they lose then they are screwd
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