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  1. Finally i won i got my cheque this morning for £2597.18 without the usual crap about keeping quiet.. thanks to everyone here for their help, I will be making a donation very shortly, im not going anywhere tho as i have a few other cases going on, but it nice to finally get what i deserve
  2. cant believe im stil waiting.... and on top of it i just recieved a letter from bridgend court saying its being transferd to cardiff court instead
  3. i was moved to my local court, then i just recieved a letter stating its been moved yet again to cardiff court
  4. well i just had a letter yesterday about my claim being moved yet again, it was allocated to bridgend the handed in aq and now its been moved despite noone asking for it to be moved.... stil no cheque
  5. lol well il be starting on my girl friends accounts next
  6. well i will say i finally got my dpa request info back from cap one and citi cards. im waiting to win my nat west to take barclays and woolwhich to court, and the others will be ready also so will be fighting like 4 cases at once then lol bring it on
  7. you have a couple of options, but first of all dont worry about it, its a standard letter from cobbetts.. either send back the usual letter here saying that cpr wont fall under small claims and that poc is fine and covers everything, or even send the letter from my post at the top of this page. dont worry about it, everyone gets the same thing
  8. Im gutted, mine wasnt, it was my access request info from citi cards... oh well i need to wait a little longer. sucks tho
  9. thanks fella. i am really hoping that i can spend in the sales hehehe
  10. well i hope that its both our cheques
  11. i got home to find a delivery slip from the post office from saturday, stating that there was a special delivery waiting for me to collect..... considering the amount of people getting cheques on saturday im hoping that this is mine, wont know until tomorrow though
  12. well i got home to find a recorded delivery slip for a spcial delivery on saturday, prob is i have only just gone home, so will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if its a cheque
  13. well im hoping when i finally get home mine is there..... be real funny if it was, im about a week or so behind u guys.. but as im not staying at my house i wont know til tonight...
  14. I will take it all the wy until i am satisfied that all my conditions are met, i am not going to agree to any confidentiality unless they pay me for the previlage. and then as soon as they do il slap them for the rest but il cut out all the usual crap and just state that they declined to refund as before
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