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  1. Really thanks for your reply, I'm now following the advice you give me. Best wishes.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been searching on the Internet for solutions to my problem with the buyback, and I found this website which I think can give me massive helps. In 23rd of March, I went to the Vodafone shop in the St. David's Shopping Centre, Cardiff and gave My iPad2 16G WIfi to the stuff. I received a quote of 180pounds. I therefore waited for a month. Finding that there was no news, I phoned the Buyback team using the telephone number provided on their website. The man answered my phone said there was no record for my iPad2, given him all the information I had. I then went to the shop immediately and asked the stuffs. They kindly checked the record for me and said the device had already been there and it might took sometimes for the payment. And I waited for another month. On 14th of May, I sent an email to the buyback team complaining my situation. I then received a reply as follows: "Dear customer I have forwarded this to our finance departmenr as i can see there was a problem on the store order and no credit file was made for your payment i will try and have this resolved and credited as soon as possible. Kind regards VF Buyback" I really want to point out that there are so many spelling mistakes here even me who is a foreigner can point out. This really makes me feel nervous about whether I am experiencing a [problem]! But still no reply or payments from anyone. I am not an existing costumer of Vodafone but only attracted by the name of the company and the convenience to sell my device to them. However, this three months have been a real torture for me who desperately need the money. I have looked through the website and I know that many people were having problems with the money they got or the device was said to be broken with no reason. But I think my situation is even worse - they haven't even said my device is broken yet! And bear in mind that, my device was not posted by myself but handed in into the stuff's hand in the shop. I should have no problems with the device itself! Now I have just sent another email to the buyback team, I wish they can give the money to me, ASAP. Thanks for reading my complain.
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