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  1. Thank you for your letter i have emailed it aswell as posted it date and copyied thats your a star i will let you no of the response i receive from cash genie:-)
  2. Thanks for all your advice guys but 6 weeks down the line and all i gat is 07/06/2012 12:57pm - Cash Genie Response Dear Ms Morris, I fully understand your position and note that a copy of your bank statement has been requested. Upon receipt of the above I can then investigate it further and look to offer a refund if required. Regards Paul Dis gracefull thats all i have to say and i have learnt by mistakes NEVER LEND FROM A PDL i have sent a letter to to FOS and cash genie so hopfully cash genie will be stopped over charging people on a low income e.t.c.
  3. Hi, i need to no if were i stand and if i being o.t.t. but i taken a cash genie loan on12/02.2012 for £200 the month i had a rollover charging me £75 and the same in aprial as i just could not afford 275 at the time after being put on the short time at work also begin a single parent of 3 indepents then to be put on the sick i rang cash genie on the 22nd may agreeing once my fiances had been sorted via with job center i will be able to set a payment plan up with them telling the adviser that i will need up to 3 weeks as as its the jubilee bank holidays and well jobcentre /income support don't rush really ,so any way me not even relising that i had a payment Friday 1st of June until i had a letter on the Saturday stating that i had a payment in to my bank before i could even look at my accounts cash genie had put a e mark on my account leaving me with nothing after calling them also being spoken to like i was a nobody explaining that i have no electric gas and no food being told thats not there problem the only way i can have a refund is to send 1 months of bank statments so i did this heard nothing so wednesday6th june i rang bank asking to stop this payment as it was haning in my account but not able to touch it the reply i got from the bank was nothing we can do untill payment as gone so then i went to cash genie website and placed a complaint i have now recieved a email from them stating they need to see bank statments but why i have sent them already as i was so upset with tsb i switch accounts and have no statments to show gash genie who from the feb 2012 uptill today have had nearly £500 for a £200 loan do i sit and just except this as i did take the loan out or do i stick to guns as i did ring and explain my situation them just not giving me the time to sort anything out let alone comfirm payment plan , i have emailed cash genie again saying pay half the loan back and for the rest of the paymen ill pay instulments no still not good enough am i within my rights ???
  4. not to sure if this is the way to get advice but i need to no if were i stand and if i being o.t.t. but i taken a cash genie loan on12/02.201
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