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  1. Just had a phone call from my totally distraught wife, lost the set aside hearing and told to pay costs and compensation. Nothing ever seems to go right for us with money. Judge just wasn't interested. You owe money, pay up. Oh well never mind. So much effort for £3k. Let's see if they petition for bankruptcy and they will get nothing. Thank you negative equity! Hurrah.
  2. Can't shoot them Mike, sold my shotgun and gave up my license. LOL
  3. If you lose a SD set aside hearing, can you appeal?
  4. No it isn't. Stopped paying it oct 2008. Went into an IVA Dec 2008, which defaulted in May, due to being 8 months behind because I was out of work for a total of 6 months. Wasn't able to catch up on the payments and they didn't seem to interested in a variation, but thats another story. The CRA file also says that the debt belongs to American Express. Does this mean that Brachers cannot pursue the debt because they have not sent a notice of assignment and there was no section C on the SD?
  5. Just been going through the Sar, which I received on Friday, and found some letters from Newman DCA offering a 20% discount on the debt. This was back in 2008.
  6. It was a platinum credit card from American Express
  7. Ok, I have court on wednesday. Can I send an account in dispute letter to the court as the dca hasn't provided me with an CCA agreement or a notice of assignment. Really need to know this asap as will have to be posted tomorrow.
  8. Checked again, no signed agreement, only application form with 1 signature, and it's not anyone from Amex What really gets my goat, is that Brachers went straight for the SD, after they were asked to put everything in writing. 1st contact on the 28th May, SD by 21st June!
  9. There is also default notice in with the SAR. No letter of assignment, but the dca does seem to be in contact with the creditor as they have sent some of the info as well. copies of T&C's some statements and a photocopy of the application.
  10. I sent a cca request to to the dca. they returned the postal order and said that they had requested the required documentation from their client. It looks like the sar has a photocopy of the original application form and two copies of terms and conditions. Only 1 signature on application, none on any thing else, just blank docs
  11. Brachers have said that the will petition for bankruptcy immediately. Bye Bye house
  12. Got my Sar paperwork from Amex today, No PPI on the account. Looks like I'm off to court wednesday to lose. Dammit
  13. Ok, after reading Khemist's thread, I now realise that the CPR rules don't apply. My question is, do I just write to the claimant requesting default notice, notice of assignment, etc, because I don't have any of these.
  14. Thanks for the threads. I have sent a sar request to Amex, and asked for the cca from brachers. After reading the threads, I will send a cca request to Amex as well and send a CPR to brachers, as I don't have any paperwork from them at all. I sent a letter to Amex asking for the ppi on the card, they sent a letter back saying that there wasn't any. I read somewhere that they would deny this, which is why I sent a sar to them.
  15. The letter that came with, says that I need to send the docs to the claimant. I will post one copy off to the claimant. The witness statement and costs are what I need to know how to do
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