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  1. The car is a toyota previa gls d4d. Manufacture date 2002. However it had the engine and turbo replaced 17th Jan 2009. The replacement engine had 18,000 miles on it. It was put into the previa at 97500 miles. Its now on 136,000 miles, meaning the engine has covered less than 40,000 miles and requires major work again. Thankyou, Gill
  2. I'll contact my son for details of the car. I know its a toyota previa,diesal. They paid £3600 because the write up was good, new engine etc. My son did a lot of research before buying. He sold his beloved old landrover to get it, they'd just had 4th child so needed more of an economical family car! Pretty sure he paid cash as he was paid cash for the landrover...some chap drove from Germany for it! Will let you know asap, thanks.
  3. We did send a recorded delivery letter telling them to fix it and its from that that we got the phone call saying they wouldn't! Some info we read said we had to give them the chance. If we do this ie take the car and get it repaired, how confident can we be of getting the money back? Does this mean a small claim court case? Would we win? If we did would he pay up? Thankyou so much for your help. I'll show my son all this tomorrow. Gill
  4. Thankyou for replying. My son has sent two recorded delivery letters to the garage. We took quotes from legal letters, especially sale of goods 1979! The first one was not replied to. The second one, my son asked them again directly to fix the car please. A phone call from them today said they wouldn't. The car is at the garage still as they asked him to bring it in when it went wrong for the second time in the 2wks after he bought it. Its been there for almost a month. Should he take it back now? Unsure if its driveable as its the turbo that needs replacing. Hope this all makes sense, nev
  5. Can anyone help me?!! My son bought a secondhand car for £3,600 in April 2012. Two dys after buying it it conked out and some diagnostic lights came on. He phoned the garage who said wait a while and try again its probably some dirt in the fuel pump? (or something like that) It did start and seemed to drive ok for 2wks then it conked out again. He called the garage and they said bring it in, which he did the following morning,9am. He didn't get a call back and had to call them after a few days. They said it needs a new turbo and will cost him £1200. My son is disputing this and feels they sh
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