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  1. No the property next door is long gone I'm afraid. I've tried speaking to the LL but she isn't returning my texts or phonecalls so I have a feeling that the LA has probably told them to not deal with us directly now. We got on so well with the LL. If ever we had an issue or they had an issue we dealt with each other directly and contact was excellent. Now unfortunately that seems to be over. I think I will just not sign the new renewal and when they issue an s21 I will deal with it then. Thanks for the help, Mariner.
  2. We'll I signed the new forms and dated them in february. The AST we were under had expired in mid December of last year. Just as an aside, the LL had said at the end of January that if we didn't sign a new AST that she would issue a s21. Would that not be seen as harassment considering we were already at that point operating under a perfect legal SPT? The LA don't want this as they're not making any renewal fees from us and I think they've scared the LA into thinking this will effect her mortgage. She is a nervous lady and I think they are manipulating her unfortunately. We've said
  3. Thank you mariner51, We did send the renewal forms back as signed but the letting agents say they were never received. Unfortunately I didn't get proof of posting. We have always had an excellent relationship with the LL but I think the LA has poisoned this to be honest. In my opinion they have been in the LL's ear all the time as they are quite old now and inexperienced when it comes to letting out a property. We will try and negotiate with them directly in the hope that they will see some sense. Our primary concern here is that the house is getting a bit on the small side now
  4. HI everyone, I couldn't find anything similar to this, so apologies if this has been answered before. We are currently living in a private rented house where we rent through a letting agent. We have been in the house almost 3 years now with no problems at all until the end of last year when the letting agent tried to get us to sign a renewal and pay them £120 for the privelege. We refused to pay the charges and told the landlord, they were quite happy as they didnt agree with the charges either. UNfortunately things went downhill. The agents became increasingly insistent and when I s
  5. That is brilliant. Thank you very much for this. The car was paid for by card but I'm not sure if it was debit or credit. Is there possibility of reversing a card transaction? Thank you to all of you that have replied so far, this is tremendously helpful and much appreciated.
  6. Hi there, Price paid was £2500 The car is 10 years old. To be honest I expect some wear at that age but the garage also thinks that the dealership should have known the clutch was not in great condition when they sold it as they said the bite point was high.
  7. Hi guys, first post so I apologise if this is an old issue but I couldn't find one that exactly fits my scenario. 4 weeks ago we purchased a Peugeot 307 from Durnford motors in Southampton. Within 3 weeks we reported that the clutch wasn't right but were referred to Warranty management services who are administering the warranty. They put us onto a local garage. The local garage said we have to pay for an inspection so they said drive it around until it snaps and then you will be covered even if it's wear and tear. A week and a half later the clutch has gone completely and it wa
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