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  1. Hi BankFodder. I have not sent the email response to them as yet, so I can amend before I do. Their email response was to the same letter which I sent in the post originally as per #34. Do think I should i just return as per pages 1 and first half of page 2 and remove "The pack I returned, I believed, was for you to search for PPI not acceptance of you to submit a complaint on my behalf or any fee associated" and thereafter? Regards DJC
  2. Hi I have an email respinse from TGC complaints which I have attached along with my drafted response. Any comments, as always, are greatly appreciated. Thanks and Regards DJC S_TGC_Response 2.pdf
  3. Hi BankFodder I don't think anyone can save me from myself. I just seem to always make things difficult for myself. I have not received anything other than what I have posted so they have not supplied me with any of the full information as part of the SAR. They have basically ignored that request as far as I can tell and only sent that one photocopy of the LOA and the demand for payment that came with it.
  4. Basically the only thing I ever sent them was the pack in September. Insteady of putting 02/09/18 on the forms, like an idiot, I put 02/07/18 (or they have doctored the forms but it looks like my writing...) So I made a mistake on the date, and I'm not quite sure what I can do about that now, but the forms were signed, sent and received by them early september.
  5. Hi After going over it and trying to figure out what happened as I couldn't understand how I had sent them anything before the pack I returned, I now realise I had put the 7th instead of the 9th on the forms. I completed them in early september and then sent them off. I am pretty stupid on 2 levels. Putting the wrong month down as well as going with a CMC in the first place. I am going to dispute the date in the form as it was put in incorrectly and the fat they received it in september should prove that but I don't know how that will go. Any Ideas where I would stand in that?
  6. Hi guys. So I have had a response from TGC and it doesn't look like good news. The pack I sent back to them looks like I did sign a letter of Authority for the Halifax, and dated 8 days before the Guidance and Claims Act 2018 was enforced. In the attachment we have: page 1 - The LOA, this must have been in the pack and I didn't realise this was an LOA, I'm not sure what was in the pack but I thought it was just details to agree for them to search for PPI. Page 2 - Their letter saying that I am still tied into paying them the high percentage fee.... Page 3 - Texts show
  7. Hi I haven't spoken to them since the intitial contact (before I realised I was being connecd) other than today on the landline, and previoulsy I have not recorded any calls. I only have the facility to record calls on my mobile, which i will do if I do speak to them on my mobile at any time in future. Regards DJC
  8. Hi Just sent again recored delivery. After speaking to the Lady in the post office she says that you cannot track signed for, you just see an entry in the tracker for them accepting it and then when it is signed for. Sometimes if there is no one there to sign for it, it will simply just be posted (they shouldn't do this but it happens). So it is possible that they have the first letter, or that it will turn up (probably at the same time as the second letter....). Moral of the story is, if there is anything in their valuable, sensitive etc, you should pay the extra for special de
  9. Hi BankFodder. I have all the texts they have sent me, and the call logs from their attempted phone calls to my mobile. I have just now emailed them to their payments and complaints email addresses. I will get another copy of the letter sent to them, last time I used one of their return envelopes, this time I’ll just use a normal one. Thanks, and regards DJC TBC_2a.pdf
  10. Hi Just an update. I sent the letter on 19th December, when I track the item with Royal mail on the website or phone it still hasn't been delivered, I guess there is a delay with the Christmas deliveries and all In the meantime I have been ignoring their calls to my mobile and landline, but this morning I have had a text of them saying "Reminder: Payment is now overdue. To arrange payment and avoid any further action please click **** or call us on ****. Regards DJC
  11. Hi guys Thanks again. I agree with you BankFodder. I do not see how a contract that has an element within it that is illegal not rendering the whole contract invalid and unenforceable. Also here you need to remember that I have not signed anything and at worst is a contract based on a verbal agreement where what I was agreeing to was never cited. If they had read out all the terms and conditions and then I agreed then maybe that would be a different matter, or even asked if I had read and understood and agree to the terms and conditions in the paperwork they sent me. But this never ha
  12. Does this sound OK? Regards DJC
  13. Hi BanFodder Thanks for this, I will get this letter out ASAP recored delivery and let you know the outcome. The only thing I would say is that there is no mention here of my querying that I have actually signed and returned any kind of contract to them whereby I agreed to their fees in the first place. Should I not mention that in this letter as it sounds like I am accepting that I have agreed to their fees, just disputiing the ammount. Regards DJC
  14. Thanks DX. So where it says they can charge you when PPI was identified as being there, as I never engaged with them until well after 10th July 2018, I take that for the black horse finance claim they are still bound to the 20% cap and to also provide evidence that this 20% of whatever that payment will be should reflect a reasonable rate for the work which has been carried out? In terms of the Halifax claim, I am not sure if I specifically said to them that I am happy for them to act on my behalf (I was shopping in Aldi when they called, and they fielded a lot of questions) so if I
  15. Hi Bank Fodder. Thanks for the response. I will send today the below: -------------------------------------------- To whom it may concern With regards to your letters dated ********* with relation to the references ********* Can you please provide evidence of the following: What I have signed that states I agree to this 30% fee. That you explained to me that a 30% fee was applicable. That you informed me that this is something I could have done myself. Also, can you explain why you are purporting to levy a charge well over the statutory 20% cap -
  16. Hi DX Thanks for the reply. I have attached the sanitized documents. Page 1 - This is the questionaire about one of the Hlaifx claims, this is side 1 and the same as for the other 3 claims. This came with the letter of authority (pages 3+4) for each claim. They called me and I answered the questionairre detail over the phone so i never actually sent these questionaires or signed letters of authority back to TCG. Page 2 - This is page 2 of the questionaire, as above I never sent these back as completed over the phone. Page 3 + 4 - The first page and second page of the
  17. Hi guys Many thanks for posting, some very useful information here and I appreciate it. I am sorry I haven't got back to the thread as I have been busy with work and the whole Christmas thing. I have drafted a letter to send which based on my original draft but also now on the useful information you guys have put out there If you can let me know if this the below reads ok or you think there is anything I need to add/remove/change it would be much appreciated. I have scanned the relevant documents which I will post later as I need to spend a bit time to redact them before I
  18. Thanks for the replies. @ honeybee13 - I don't know if the Questionnaire or the letter of authority determines a contract, if it is just the letter of authority, then no, if it is the questionaire then yes. @ dx100uk - The letters of authority are specific to each claim (ie the halifax ones, they sent me forms for each of the finds (ie, credit card account, Loan account etc). Not sure what you mean by take it from my BH claim. I have been paid direct so unless you mean that I won't be able to challenge their charge then I'm a little unclear. Also what do you mean by the claim
  19. Hi I resppnded to a claims guys advert about finding out about PPI. I know now that I could have done this myself etc, and in hindsight I would have researched more. Any to cut a long story short, the following has happened: I filled in a questionaire about the providers i have used etc I have had a response from Halifax, but I did not send a signed letter of authority. Halfix have now paid me circa 6k and the claims guys want 30% of this. I had no idea they were going to charge this much and was never told in advance how much their charges were. I did however send a
  20. Hi Thanks for the replies. I received the following in email: =================================== Further to your email below I have looked into your account to review the administration fee charged. You are aware that under the terms of your lease your service charges are due annually in advance on 1st January each year. Administration charges are not added to the account straight away, an original application for payment is issued, then if a payment is not received 28 days after the issue date a further chaser letter is sent out warning that the next letter (let
  21. Hi DX thanks for the reply. I said to them that I thought that this was surely unlawful, but they said not stating they had won numerous court cases about it, I was very dubious. Is there any information I can read regarding legalities of administration charges? Something that I can quote and refer them to in my defense ? Regards DJC.
  22. Hi I am not sure if this is the right place for this query. However I have a question i hope someone can help me with. My house is subject to HLM Property management, they are responsible for the maintenance of the estate and I get a bill each year as a service charge. I had cash flow problems so was late paying the £152 fee, this was due on the 1st of January, but I received the letter, apologizing for the delay in issuing the charge, dated 16th February. I was informed that the balance owing was over £290, the extra £140 odd pounds is an administration fee. I was gobsmack
  23. Hi Slick. Still nothing from Zinc nor CRS/Harlands. Could it be that they have finally seen sense and given up?? Regards DJC
  24. Hi Slick. Just thought I'd post to say that I have not as yet had a reply to either my email to Zinc nor my letter to CRS/Harlands. Regards DJC
  25. Hi Slick. I sent email to Zinc last Friday and not had a reply as yet. Letter was sent to CRS on Monday so they should have had it by now. So do I now need to make a formal complaint to the guys at the OFT and what are my options in term of taking action for harassment against CRS? Many thanks DJC
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