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  1. hi yes its a FPN and no mention of access by others
  2. HI The drive can provide access to rear properties but they have a seperate access that can and is used by themselves which is actually on the road they live in . we have owned our property for over 20 years and on our deeds clearly shows the access drive in jointly on myself and neighbours boundries , we started parking there approx 4 years ago as nobody used the gate to drive vehicles through .(access can and is used on foot even when my car is parked ) the gate can fully open and be used even if using wheel barrows etc when car is parked .any vehicle apart from a lorry can use s
  3. I received one of these for parking my car on a drive for which i am part owner , we have houses to the rear to which there is a gate allowing them access to the rear of there gardens off their road , so they have no use of the gate on our drive so not stopping any access to properties. nobody called asking for access at my property and have been parking like this for over 4 years with no problems should i take to court.
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