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  1. Does the fact that the signer for the CC put the wrong date under their signature (they dated it for 2005 rather than 2006) invalidate the CCA? Their date clearly pre-dates the customers signature by a year. Does anyone know?
  2. Sorry just saw this and had to bump it. RBS have a business model for Bank Charges that is so close to the crime of extortion in Scotland that its not funny. Their greed has been their downfall. I think the good times might be well and truly over for them. **Owned** Oh and I hope you enjoy your profit sharing this year.
  3. that's all well and good, but if the data subject can show that the data is innaccurate - for example with a letter from the data controller acknolwedgeing there is no CCA- there should be no difficulty with them amending their data accordingly.
  4. Anyone? Bueller? I guess I'm beating my own drum on this one.
  5. read this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/scotland/71013-urgent-attention-please-read-8.html#post677989
  6. ***title should read 'criminal', instead of 'illegal'*** I posted this before in the Campaign section (this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/campaign/24118-take-campaign-unlawful-illegal-3.html) , but it received scant reply. I think, and i hope, that this was because, the issue I raised related to Scotland and there are a lot less of us on here who are subject to Scottish Law than English Law. I thought i'd post it again in the Scottish section, to see if anyone has any comments. The post was about whether or not the application of unlawful charges might con
  7. I sent my prelim letter (rec. del.) to RBS for repayment of late payment charges (plus interest of 8%) on the 16th of February (sent it to Southend on Sea.) The account is a closed account. No response at all was received from RBS so I followed that up with a LBA (rec. del.) on 6th March 2007. [A letter sent to Mint Credit Card operations at the same address, on the same day, in respect of a closed account with them, was acknowledged and reponded to and following a LBA to MINT they have indicated that they will now cough up in full, with interest.] However, no response was recei
  8. Thanks Caro. I called the FOS today and the chap on the phone said that you can ask for interest on the charges, (he never indicated at what rate, so i suppose it's as much as you feel you can justify), but there are no guarantees that you will get it back from the bank. He confirmed that the FOS is happy to consider request for repayment of interest on top of the charges.
  9. Is it possible to claim for interest from the Banks via the FOS?
  10. I've been reading a few of the posts on here (and other similar forums) and it's clear there is a degree of confusion surrounding the issue of how to avoid being in the postion of having to pay the Bank's legal costs should an action to reclaim charges fail (OK, this hasn't happened often, but the possibility of it is still real and can be quite off putting). Obviously the best course of action is to lodge a small claims action (under £750) and in order to do this people have split larger claims in to amounts under the £750 and making seperate claims. This course of action was initially s
  11. Everything you have done so far seems at odds with the very good and very clear advice available on this website (which a lot of people have taken a lot of their own time to provide). If you really want to know what you should be doing, read the FAQS which you were asked to do when you joined up.
  12. Hi I sent away for my six years worth of statements and received them a few weeks ago. I totalled up my charges, which were in excess of £750. I decided that I wanted to charge them 8% daily interest from the date of application of each charge (which i think is reasonable interest for them having my money all that time) on top of the actual charges and this took the overall total I was claiming for to over £1200. In order to keep my claim under the small claims limit I decided to split the claim in two, and sent a request for repayment of charges with interest for amount under j
  13. Might be best to try and ask this question in the 'Scotland' section. If you have to go through with it, make sure you alert local and national media so they can capture this for posterity.
  14. I've looked a little bit more into this issue. Here's an excerpt from Sir Gerald Gordon's "bible" on the Criminal Law in Scotland (3rd Ed. Vol II pp 250-251): "When can money be lawfully demanded under threat? Lord Thomson indicated in Silverstein (v HMA 1949 JC 160) that to demand money under threat was criminal unless the threat used was regarded as legitimate. This is to some extent circular- threats are criminal unless they are legitimate- but it serves to emphasise that the use of threats to obtain money is generally criminal, and will be so regarded unless it can be shown that in t
  15. read this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nationwide/30855-debt_mountain-nationwide.html?highlight=morpeth. This poster was based in Scotland but took an English based institution to court in England. he used the Court (Morpeth) nearest to him over the border. If you do this, it means you can use the 6 year rule and the limit is £5 grand.
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