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  1. UPDATE and resolution for Yabbadoo - THE END The Hastings e_mail (posted 13th July) appeared to be final (extract - " I apologise for any misunderstanding but am unable to offer any refund on this occasion ") so little room for misunderstanding that statement ! However I'm pleased to report that they've now re-assessed the situation in its entirety and Hastings have fully refunded both the excess charge and the admin fee, a total of £135.20. My daughter is quite pleased, as am I. Took a while, but justice prevailed (eventually). Thank you, Jamie, if this result was down to y
  2. Supplement - "RESOLUTION" e_mail just received from Hastings - direct paste (edited to remove personal ID, plus edited to make para 2 say what they meant to say! ) Dear Mr and Miss (yabbadoo),Thank you for your email dated the 13th June 2012, I have looked into the issues you have raised and would like to offer a response. I understand from your comments that you are unhappy that we have amended the vehicle purchase date on your policy (NOTunhappy with that -yabbadoo) and we have charged you an additional premium of £135.12 which includes our £35.00 administration fee. You did not
  3. I apologise! Your last-but-one post (penultimate para) asked for forum advice, and as a forum member I responded to that, having re-read your original post, specifically 2nd para, point 2/ , and in light of the fact you have received a £470 refund. I've had experience (before this current event) of an insurance co. debiting a second amount because of a needed adjustment, and I was pre-advised of it (unlike our current situation with Hastings). I believe that one gives authority to "direct debit" in respect of a contract, not just one specific amount (and contracts can change if the base
  4. OK, an update from me First, I was/still am acting (with her permission, given in phone call from her to Hastings which they recorded). Today she received a "holding" letter from Hastings (to her, not me, the originator of the complaint) advising they need a further 28 days to continue investigations. (did you see the many awards they received for Customer Service? Wooden spoons, perhaps :>) I digress.... back to topic! ) Second - I may have found the "glitch" (assuming the two comparison sites "comparethemarket" (which she used) and "gocompare" (which I use for my own insura
  5. Would appreciate contact/update - thanks.
  6. Update to forum - similar result as Wykelass - I too contacted Jamie with full detail (as already reported) - received response "will pass it on to the team" since which, absolutely NOTHING. As I mentioned, Jamie's e_mail included a lsit of about 10 "service" awards to Hastings., Wykelass and my experiences at the hands of Hastings cast a large doubt over the validity/veracity of those awards - I certainly will not be doing business with them anytime soon, and I would urge others to think long anf hard before committing their hard-earned cash to the Hastings coffers - Wykelass and I have
  7. I too was redirected to the "Hastings" thread - also received an apparently sympathetic response from the Hastings rep, requesting I privately send full details to him direct (which I did). His response was that it had been forwarded to the Hastings team for evaluation/reply. Still waiting, but to be fair it's currently only a day. ( they have an impressive list of Cust Service awards, don't they? Impressing who, I wonder? ). Critical pont is that you (like my daughter) are accused of entering an acquisition date some years prior to the actual date (which resulted in similar financial pen
  8. SNIP QUOTE ""but they said it confirmed my ownership since early April (the day I bought the car) and not a date from 2004 as I had originally entered. I was confused as to why they had come up with a date from 2004 - the original application I had made on the day I bought the car had been confirmed by their email when I took out the insurance - I had not mistakenly entered a date from 2004."" END SNIP How very odd - see thread "length of ownership" above - IDENTICAL situation, my daughter owned her car from Apr 2012 BUT Hastings claim she entered a date years earlier ... and penalis
  9. Daughter acquired her latest car in Apr 2012, notified her insurance co and paid the additional premium versus her old car.. Policy expired mid-May. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" filled in her details (which included date of car purchase) and chose Hastings Direct, who insured her (she has 5 years NCB) but subsequently asked for sight of V5C. They then sent her a letter which arrived today (12th June) advising they had debited her a further £140. They SAY she put her acquisition date as 2005, and the premium increase reflects her increased risk of accident due to unfamiliarity with the car (it's a 1.4 F
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