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  1. Hi Wondering if anyone has any experience of a similar situation. We received a parcel from abroad (India). A gift from relatives. No something we asked for but of course v welcome and gratefully received. We have now received (6 weeks later) a bill from DHL for VAT + other charges. About 20quids effectively (parcel was valued at 50quids). It's the first time we've been in this situation though it's not the first time we've received parcels from India. I assume previously a different courier was used. So just looking at the legalities of this: I don't believe we
  2. If an employer does not comply with the ACAS code of practice: - It could make the dismissal unfair (given right qualifying period) but careful of a Polkey reduction (ie if the outcome would have been the same with the proper procedure) - If the dismissal is unfair employee can ask for a 25% uplift of compensatory award If there is no right to claim unfair dismissal or the claim is for something else (detriment agency workers or discrimination) not complying with a grievance procedure will simply be part of the evidence available to show the detriment/unfavourable treatment. Ther
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