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  1. Last Thursday/ Friday I drove down to Portsmouth from 40 Miles west of Glasgow for a Veterans Reunion. The main event was on the Friday Night. Whilst getting my car ready for the return journey doing the usual checks Iwater, oil etc I noticed that in amongst my documentation I could not find myAA card. I went online shortly afterwards to right down the details in case I required them later. I discovered I had not renewed my breakdown cover so I renewed it there and then. We set of at 0900 on the way to Scotland. We were detouring through Lincoln dropping a comrade off who was picked up on the way down. On the M4O one mileshort of Cherwell Valley Services the car started to lose power and eventually stopped. Thinking how fortunate I renewed my AA breakdown the previous day, that’s when the problems started. I called the AA who promptly came out and diagnosed Cylinder head gasket gone. The mechanic towed us to the services and arranged to have the relay sorted. 26 phone calls and 5 hours later we were on our way for 50 miles and then onto pick up a hire car which we had to organise ourselves. This all came about because of timings. If I had renewed my breakdown cover on Saturday morning instead of evening I would have been entitled to a Relay all the way home. Because I broke down less than 24 hrs after the transaction took place I was only entitled to 50 miles relay any millage after that would be 2.5 pence per mile which the quoted me @ £800. That wasn't the last because I was inside the 24 Hours an additional £79 would have to be paid. If I was pulling a fast one we could have waited till the oil in the car cooled down drove into the services waited 4 hours and then phoned the breakdown in. Unfortunately I am honest, I also believe in loyalty unlike The AA I surmise. After a few phone calls today the AA would offer me no goodwill so I offered none back, I no longer have the 4 policies with them , House, Car,Breakdown and Emergency House call out. Please read the small print as there are no sums mentioned and the wording is a bit ambiguous at best.
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