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  1. Hi Peterbard, the letter from Bristow was the first time i was informed of the debt. I left the property on the 23/4/17 some three months before the date of the liability order. The only proof would be that i ended the tenancy in the April. No mention of the enforcement fee but in the sum outstanding but they put the total sum outstanding as £441.23 when only £206.23 is showing leaving an extra £235.00 that has been added which i assumed was an enforcement fee
  2. Hi, i received a letter dated 30/10/20 for a missed council tax payment dated 5/2/17 from Birstow and Sutor. This is the only time i have been made aware of the debt,It seems this was my last months bill before i moved house. I contacted the council to pay but they refereed me to the above. I contacted Birstows to offer a payment plan but they would not negotiate with me. They are also adding a fee of £235 even though no bailiff has visited. thank you Peter B+S NOE.pdf
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