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  1. Hi DX, Thanks for the reply. I was living there then yes when I moved in I was told all bills where included in the rent. Unfortunately this was a private rent and I don't have any details saved, was young at the time and hadn't learnt to keep documents. All c/tax is paid up to date on the property I just left and have show this to the Landlord, I spoke to the Council earlier today and they advised they obtained a Liability Order in 2008 and sent details of this in the post but I had been gone over 6 months when this was allegedly sent out. They are refusing to deal with me and saying I must go through Rossendales and that there is nothing they can do to help.
  2. Hi, Hope someone can help. I have recently moved out of rented accommodation have received a phone call tonight from my previous landlords to advise bailiffs on behalf of Rossendales have attended the property. The Landlord advised I was no longer living there, my c/tax for that property has been paid in full however it appears this balance they are chasing is for monies from 2007 for around £800 and they mentioned to the landlord they also have a liability order from 2008 for this. My major concern is currently I am working away in Birmingham and living in a hotel being paid for by work for the next 12-18 months, however as an address for my bank etc I have put down my parents house whilst I am down here and I am worried the next step will be them turning up on their doorstep. As I currently don't have a permanent address I am unsure what the next step would be as I only go back every 3-4 weeks for a day or 2 to see family and friends I am happy to come to some sort of payment plan with Rossendales
  3. Brilliant thanks for the advice. Have left a message with the landlord to contact me today, if I have had no response by tomorrow morning then I will compose a letter and get this sent out. I will get a certificate of posting off the post office, I am working away at present so not able to hand deliver.
  4. Afternoon Caggers, Hope someone can help/offer some advice. Was sharing a flat with a friend and we recently moved out after just over a year. We had a checkout take place with the Landlord and there where no problems and was told we would get the full deposit back. I then spoke to the DPS who said they had no record of any deposit being left with them, after some discussions it appears the letting agency we went through paid the money direct to the Landlord (they have since been bought out and taken over by Reeds Rains). Following this the Landlord said they would do a bank transfer to my account last week. This has not been forthcoming, I have now spoke to them on 4 occasions with each time being given the answer of 'it's on it way'. Following speaking to them on Friday we where advised the money would be in my bank on Monday.......It's Wednesday now and still no money. Having looked on the DPS website it would appear our next step would be to take the landlord to county court as they have in effect not followed legislation (there is mention of getting 3 x the deposit back from the court but I just want my original deposit without hassle) Can anyone suggest what steps to take next as I'd also like to keep things sweet with the Landlord in case I need to rent again and need a reference (currently working away with work so to save funds have moved back into the family home to dump my stuff)
  5. Yep, I remember it coming off my file a few years ago, 2011 it went. Checked again and no record of it.
  6. Afternoon all, I received a letter a while back of Experto Credite regarding a welcome finance loan that went statute barred nearly 3 years ago chasing it, thought nothing of it and left it. It would appear they have now obtained my mothers mobile phone number and have been harassing her today. I have just spoked to them on the phone to ask them to immediately stop ringing my mums number and also to advise this debt is statute barred and unenforceable, they kept asking when will I start a payment plan and I told them where to shove it. Has anyone else with old Welcome accounts been receiving letters/calls of this company for barred accounts. Also, can any action be taken regarding them acquiring family members phone numbers?
  7. Hi all, Thanks for all your help, I have again tried ringing the Bailiffs this morning but guess what no answer, I have since sent a letter recorded delivery this morning to the Bailiffs office to explain that I am looking to get a variation to the amount to be paid and have also stated I can however clear the money I am behind by 25th of this month and if they are happy to agree to this, I have sent a variation form through to Northampton also, spoke to them this morning and they say they have a 10day backlog of claims to deal with. They have also advised the claimant as far as they are aware is Orange and not BCW, but having spoken to orange they say BCW are handling everything so can BCW file the claim as Orange???? So hopefully I can pay the arrears and get a variation arranged for a lower monthly payment and hopefully stop the Bailiffs coming to the parents house, I have left phone and email address for the bailiff to contact me on so hoping for a phone call early tomorrow. I am not to sure about setting the debt aside as I don't dispute it and I'm guessing it been 2 months if not more since the judgement, I'm waiting for a copy of my credit file to find out more and see who the debt is registered with on there. My credit file is pretty trashed as Ive had other debts over the years with a load of defaults etc but most have now been paid off
  8. Noodle wont let me set up an account, keeps crashing, will try again later on.
  9. This history as far as I know is its a debt from a previous phone contract I had that has gone into arrears, I had some trouble with debts a while back and thought I had paid everyone off and was back to square one, it looks like I missed this one and havent received any communication for a while, I remember getting a letter about 3 months back about the debt and thats a CCJ was being applied for, at the time I was looking for work and it just got left with me thinking I had more important things to deal with, which again is a downfall on my part, I never received a judgement notice and so it just left my mind, then about a month ago I got the letter from St Helens council advising the judgement was in arrears and payment needed to be made, I then tried calling the office to no avail, I also faxed over a letter to them advising I was not aware of the judgement, asking for who the judgement was awarded to and also how much per month was to be paid, I never got an answer and then received a letter today dated 12th July advising if payment is not made within 7 days then a van would be rented and they would attend the property to levie goods, as a note as they have not been to the property before am I right in they cannot take goods until they havae first made a list? So basically I have 2 days to get this sorted, and obv with living at home I dont want the parents to know about this as they think my debts are clear as I did myself. How would I go about a variation order and would this stop the bailiffs immediately, I am happy to make payments to clear the debt but feel corned into a tight space with little time to action something. If I can get throughh to the bailiff do I advise them I am seeking to get a variation?
  10. Im going to try both Northampton and also the St Helens Bailiffs office in the morning as they are shut now, on the letter I have received it states Warrant Number and Local Number, I can probably pay the amount they are asking for that I am behind, but wont be able to till 25th of this month and not sure if they would agree to wait until that date or not, or accept a token payment of half until then?
  11. Just a quick update, I havea rang BCW and they are saying they know nothing about the judgement and cant help me and have referred me back to the County Court, who appear to not have anyone in today, so now Orange and BCW appear to not be very helpful.
  12. I will certainly look into getting the judgement set aside, my only concern is with the letter giving me 7 days before a van supposedly turns up at my mums, do I have tiome to do this and also find out details of who the judgement is with?
  13. Hi DX The letter received today is from HM Courts & Tribunals Service, St Helens County Court, advising the claimant is Orange PCS Ltd, I have tried talking to Orange but they wont speak to me as say the debt is being dealt with by BCW, So im also trying to work out exactly who it is I have to pay, based on the claimant its Orange, but they wont deal with me :S
  14. Hi, Thanks for the reply. The debt is 3 years old so still valid I think. I received a letter from BCW advising they would issue CCJ proceedings, in hindsight maybe I should have done something back then but guess I just ignored it, the next thing I received was a letter from St Helens Court, as I say above I tried to call them and also faxed over asking for details of the judgement which never came and then I received the letter today from them threatening removal of goods, I have been trying to call both courts to no avail I will keep trying and also again in the morning, I need to find out what the judgement indicates I need to pay to see if I can afford the payments, if not then I will send in the form as requested
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