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  1. They bought it around 2007 so I would guess no. He is not answering her calls so she is literally stuck until someone throws her out as far as I can see or her electricity gets cut off/she can't afford food. I truly feel for her.
  2. Hi everyone. I wonder if some of you might be able to offer some advice. Long story short, my mother in law has split up from her husband who has run off with another woman. My mother in law was in full time employment up to 15 or so years ago and how is a housewife. Her husband has always been the bread winner since they were married and has a good job I would estimate earning around 80K a year. They have a joint bank account which his wage is paid into, and my mother in Law (Lets call her Jan), manages all the household bills. Although she no longer works she is certa
  3. Dear all, I hope someone might be able to assist me (on behalf of my mother). My mum, in previous good health has suffered a number of heart attacks over the last few weeks. She should hopefullly be back home from hospital later this week, but has been fitted with an internal defribulater which means that due to DVLA rules she cannot drive for 6 months (or if she gets a 'shock' during that period, six months from them). She owns a car where she is the insurance policy holder and my father is a named drivers. She is obviously going to let them know but is unsure what the b
  4. Many thanks Mwynci. Do you know if they will ask me to pay excess if I am not claiming anything myself. (I'm sure the other party will be claimign for damage to his car... a jag...). I simply can't afford anything right now.
  5. No problem and thanks for the advice UncleBulgaria67. I'm just one of those pessamistic people that thinks everyone is out to rip me off
  6. No had my car looked over last night by a friend and looks fine. Literally just a scratch on the tow bar. Is it better for me to say there was a car stopped in front of me rather than a cat running out, to keep it as black and white as possible, or would this be dodgy... ? I'm worried now as I just thought that the rule would be that if he did not have time to stop, he was too close so it would be his fault. I guess what I'm trying to say is by the letter of teh law should I have just run over the cat !? I did not have any time to even think unfortunately. (The cat was fine BTW).
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Perhaps I was wrong in simply assuming that if someone was too close to me to stop safely then it was their fault. However not sure how I could possibly have 'stopped safely' when you only have a second to react.
  8. Hi, I wonder if someone might be able to give me some advice. I was driving yesterday on a dual carriageway when a cat ran out so I slammed my brakes on and someone ran into the back of me. On inspection there was no damage to my car (a 4x4), as contact had hit the tow bar, but the car behind did have damage. We swapped details, etc., but my question is as there was no damage to my car and I would like to think the blame was clearly on the other driver for being too close, do I need to let my insurance company know or just let them deal with it should the other parties insu
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