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  1. if this is for a motability car they are now taxing them on there clients behalf, if not it will be quite simple to get a new exemption cert posted out.
  2. recently had the same situation with easyjet they lost a wheel and damaged the pram, they replaced the pram with the exact same pram brand new. no moaning no nothing all done in the space of 2 weeks pram was 3 years old.
  3. a friend in Belfast had a home visit yesterday from the social Security agency. a lady called at the door identified herself and said she need to interview the claimant in relation to there benefit claim. she asked about all benefits that were being received, who lived in the house all there dates of births wether they were working or not. she had all this information in a file she had with her but seemed to be checking the info they had was true and correct. also asked for bank statements from a certain date. she told this person she had been picked at random and this person done
  4. firstly how did the person that applied for the v5 know where the car was, he would have had to get the reg number the chassis number the exact make and model, the cc of the car. the only way they could have done that is to look at the car or to hpi the car. it is very rare for dvla to issue a v5 without writing to the owner and waiting 10 days to see if they get a reply. this means we could all just pick a car in the street apply for a v5 get a key and keep the car. I would be speaking to someone very senior in Swansea to find out how this has happened.
  5. you will need to phone Swansea and ask them to see what info they hold, ask them could they put whatever they have in writing to you. if you pm the reg I will check it for you tomorrow.
  6. does it say anywhere on the v5 previously used or registered outside of the uk. ie declared manufactured 2007/2008. when I used to buy jap imports when you registered them it always stated something on the v5 saying it was used outside the uk manufactured such and such a year.
  7. if you report the phone as stolen or lost they will turn the phone off, the person will then either report her for selling a stolen phone or will come back looking his money back. if it does come back you can say you have now found the phone they will turn it back on.
  8. unfortunately this is very common in asda I take photos with my mobile every week when shopping in asda, because the items are priced differently in a couple of places in the store. when it is then rung through at the wrong price I show them the photo of the price that I picked the item from I would say this would happen 3 times out of every 4 times in asda. I check the price of everything because asda seem to be the worst at this. if you don't spot at the till you then go to customer services where you are treated as if you are in the wrong for asking for your 29 pence back or wha
  9. what model of radio is it and what exactly is it doing.
  10. just to add I manage the account online, they have also blocked this probably because the card I had was stopped. the 2 calls I made to them cost me a few pence short of £11.00 so I will not be phoning them again.
  11. hi all I wonder could someone give me some advice please, I have had a credit card with vanquis for a long time I use it and then pay it in full never paid any interest. on the 11th jan this year I went on holiday to the USA I had the card with me. on my return on the 18th jan I had a letter from vanquis telling me my card had been compromised and they had put a stop on the card, they asked in the letter if I would ring them. my first call on the 18th that was answered but I never spoke to anyone I was on hold lasted 48 minutes I hung up. I then tried again and
  12. I have often wondered what would happen if you were in a shop like currys and fell and knocked over one off there display tvs what would happen. would they expect you to pay for it or would they have insurance for accidents like that.
  13. I think there is a big difference in generic medication one example 28 lanzaprezole as generic cost £1.28 for a chemist to buy, zoton fastab which is also lanzaprezole cost the chemist £5.35 to buy and I know that zoton work a lot better than the generic. the nhs can not cope with the amount of money spent on the branded drugs. I have to say I only started to receive all these generic drugs when my own doctors was flooded with new foreign patients. I take 22 tablets every day so I know the difference between branded and generic. the next time anyone is in a chemist getting
  14. I recently applied for a passport and they didn't take the payment until 2 days before they issued the passport, took about 2 weeks from sending the form to receiving the passport.
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