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  1. Hi there, I am trying to solve the same dilemma ! The money I've been offered would help hugely towards Xmas, even though it's less than 50% off what I'm offered. Of course, they want us to accept the offer, which makes me want to say "stuff off" (or words to that effect!) but at the same time it's very tempting ! Liz
  2. I have had an offer of £800 which I am very tempted to accept. I can hear lots of you screaming "don't do it" but the money would be very handy before Xmas. Yes, it does fall way short of the £2,000+ that they actually owe me but I am concerned about the time and effort (and court proceedings) necessary and whether ultimately there is a good chance of getting it all back. I have read some of the threads on here and Barclays seem to fight hard and see it through to court proceedings. I have never experienced any of this litigation stuff before and am very nervous of it. Any advice grate
  3. Hi Pablo My case sounds just like yours. Barclays have just offered me £800 (of a claim over £2,000 !!) I was just wondering what to do next, when I saw your post - what's an LBA ?? I wasn't sure how to word my next letter, how threatening it needs to be. Maybe you could advise me ? Good luck with your claim - wouldn't it be fab to get the money before Xmas ?!! Liz
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