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  1. I have also checked other websites such as travelrepublic and ebookers and they are also saying that the rooms are still available.
  2. Called them up and they have said it is still over booked but the system was slow to update, although they have managed to update the system with the new prices, and that they could still not give me my holiday. I called ABTA and they've said if the dates are not available then they can offer me a full refund.
  3. I was just browsing the website to look for alternative holidays and my exact holiday (same flight, same rooms, same dates) is still available but at a much higher price.
  4. They've got back to me now and have said that if we want to keep the holiday we have we must pay an extra £1600, or else they will pay a small contribution towards another holiday. Ideally, we would like to keep the one that we have, but do we have much choice?
  5. Thank you ll very much for your advice. I'll keep posted on what happens next!
  6. Thank you, the holiday is ATOL protected. We called and they said they would email the hotel about changing the dates and hopefully keeping the price the same.
  7. The date we were planning to go was the 17th June They had this on the website 'Pricing Errors Loveholidays.com endeavours to ensure that all pricing and other information on its website is accurate. However, because of the sophisticated technology required, there may be times when obvious errors occur such as the price or some other detail displayed being incorrect. In this case loveholidays.com shall reserve the right to cancel that contract and the customer will not have any liability to this regard. You must therefore ensure you check all details of your holiday at the time of booking. Loveholidays.com will put its best endeavours to find and rectify any errors and omission as quickly as possible. Our booking platform may accept unrealistic bookings without objecting any further to the user's judgement and in this case we reserve the right to refuse any refunds in respect to those products purchased. ' but when I called they said it was a sale and not a pricing error and due to the current situation in Turkey I thought that a significant price drop would be reasonable.
  8. On Sunday I booked a holiday through love holiday which came to £300 for the two of us. Today I got an email requesting for me to call them and when I did they said that the holiday that I had booked was overbook and I now must pay £1000 for the next room up. I have already paid £130 to the previous holiday. Can they do this to me? What rights do I have? I must phone them back within the next hour please help
  9. I would be grateful for any advice.I tried to sell a few years back to resolve the shortfall, at that time the house was of lower value and my sister and her husband wanted £30.000. When i had a buyer at the last minute they increased what they wanted by £20.000, which then with younger children at the time I could not afford,As i had moved out i had to move back into the house which the whole process left me with debts like council tax arrears. I just feel very frustrated any time i try to resolve the problem they put a stop to it . What she wants to do is to stay on the mortgage for another 10 years and then she said she will make a decision then. I want to resolve this now as have not been feeling to great( which she knows) and put off going to doctors until I secured mortgage and insurance. I went to the doctors and within two weeks was having a biopsy, I'm waiting on results and while Im writing this the hospital have phoned asked me to come for a scan. My biggest fear and I have said this to her over the years is that if anything happens to me because its a joint mortgage all will go to her my children will lose their home and security. I just feel its so unfair they lived here for only 2 of the 25years but can now call the shots on how and where i should live
  10. Hi just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what to do. I applied for a mortgage to pay off the arrears I was given £35k subject to my sister coming of the deeds. at the start of the process she wanted £50k which we agreed i would pay her after i cleared the arrears, i would re mortgage and given other assurance it would be paid. she has now changed her mind and want £160k half the value of the house which i cant afford. It has now put me in the position to sell before repossession is there anything i can do or do i just have to suck it up
  11. old rouge you made me smile im sure young at heart Thanks to all for advice ,from the advice in earlier post i phoned santander to ask how long i would have to repay .and this phonecall was more reassuring than the lady i spoke to the other day, she was very fast speaking, call center attitude just didnt seem to care and i felt like she was fishing for information that they coud use later trying to get me to do an expenditure over the phone whichi i wouldnt do as i felt it could bite me in the bum later. today i spoke to a nice young chap and he tried to reassure me that they wil try to come to a resolution first before any proceedings. and told him i wasnt happy doing i.e over the phone so has put account on hold for 2 weeks so he can send me the form to fill n at my own time and will go from there9 I am 48 and my job is quite secure pay not fantastic but could afford 660 a month. kids are now 21( studying but taking a job to help) and 16. credit score not great ccj 4 years ago settled no other debts. cant remortgage will explain late rjust hoping that santander will give time to pay mortgage was taken with my sister. 2 years into mortgage she married and had a baby moved away interest were very high and they struggled with payment left went aboard saying it was mine and wanted nothing to do with it. 20 years later she has paid off her own home abroad and now is looking for payout from this house now its no longer in negative equity. This has been my family home for over 40 years and i would like to stay here. im hoping that if santander allow me more time to pay I hope to come to an agreement with her to let me pay her after the shortfall is paid.
  12. Hello again honey beei. would receive a yearly letter but to be honest didnt really pay much attention to it as i was more concerned with keping up repaymrnts. stupid thing to do but hindsight is a wonderful thing
  13. thanks for your reply 'spoken to santander they have given 3 months for me to get advice on what to do. Thinking back i believe i been misold as i took an endowment before i had a mortgage on advice from our insurance man, who in those days, came to the house to collect payments on other policies, that i could start paying a towards a mortgage and at the end have a big lump sum I can increase payments but what would they consider a reasonable time to pay it back
  14. Hi I would be grateful for any advice. my mortgage with santander has come to an end and i have a shortfall of 40000. I work full time have no arrears. I can continue with payments but will they want to repossess for outstandnig balance.
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