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  1. Would have to agree with you about them being a *edit* company. I have nothing in writing, so I'm going to pay them to prevent a second Default or bad mark on my Credit File.
  2. Ah that's what I thought, will have to nip down to the local office in August and wipe the debt. Also I'm going to show them the Text messages to my agent informing them of my change address and insist that they remove the bad marks on my credit file. Thanks for the response
  3. I have a loan with Provident for £501 over a year at £36 a month and have £325 to repay. I moved house just before Christmas phoned them up and told them that I’ve changed address and they told me to inform my adviser, so I done this by Text, I had one new collection from my new address and no-one has bothered to come around and collect any further payments. My question is, on my Credit file it states that I have settled the debt, should I chase them up and pay them or just leave it be?
  4. Got a red letter in the post-dated 22nd of June and it’s 03 July, states I have 14 days from June 22nd to pay by the 6th July this month. Just stating what I owe and not stating what it’s for. Top of the letter in bold letters (Notice of intent to commence debt collection action) should I just take them to trading standards for Phishng Sc-am?
  5. Hello Maroondevo52 and thanks for moving this post. I believe that the debt that they are trying to recover is for a mobile company as I took out a 24 month contract that was £20 a month for a close mate two years ago. I personally screwed up by doing that with no written agreement so that was a lesson learn't and I will never make that mistake again. Hope that answered your question? P.S, The Moblie company are the ones that issued the CCJ Dx100uk - Nope I have a rating of 1/5 and one default on my file, which is due to the mobile company and was applied by Lowell
  6. Hi, I’m new to this forum and it’s nice to see that I’m not the only person that’s having issues with this so-called company (Advantis Credit). So far I have ignored the letters but thought it would be wise to seek out some advice as I have a limited amount of knowledge about Debt collectors, as this is unknown area for me. In advance I would like to apologise for the poor English and Grammar and thank you for taking the time to read this post! ****** Start of letter 1 ****** Dear Mr …………… Advantis provide professional service blah blah blah We have been instructed by our client Lowell Group to verify the current whereabouts of Mr ……….., Formerly resident at (Pervious address), in relation to an outstanding business matter. We are writing to verify that we have your correct contact address. If you are the person named above please contact us on 0844 82 41 812 to discuss the business matter that requires your urgent attention. Please accept our apologies if you are not the person named above. We would appreciate it if you would please call us on 0844 82 41 812 to confirm this so that we may update our records. If you do not contact us we will assume that you are the correct person and we will contact you again in order that we can get the matter resolved. ****** End of letter 1 ****** My thoughts on this letter were, Lowell Group has been investigated by Watchdog (BBC) for not proving (customers) with the requested information about the payment of unknown debt. I personally laughed out loud when I read ‘Please accept our apologies if you are not the person named above. We would appreciate it if you would please call us on 0844 82 41 812 to confirm this so that we may update our records.’ So if you phone them you have committed a Criminal Offence by opening the letter as it’s not apparently you. lol I have received another letter 12 working days after the above. ****** Start of letter 2 ****** Stating the outstanding balance; £472.96 Client Name; Lowell Group Stating that they have instructed to undertake debt recovery action against me. Unless we hear from you within 7 days from this letter, we may take further action against me. This action may include recommending to our client that legal action taken against you, such as applying to the County Court For Judgment against you to recover the outstanding debt which could result in you paying interest and legal cost as well. If a County Court Judgment is obtained against you in the County Court, this will appear in the register of judgment, order of fines. Alternatively, if a Sheriff’s Decree is obtained in the Sheriff’s Court this will be passed to the registry trust, which may harm your ability to obtain credit in the future. If our client decides to take legal action and a County Court Judgment is granted and you do not repay what you owe, they may then apply for enforcement order, asking the court to: 1, Order your employer to deduct the value of the debt from your wages 2, Appoint a bailiff to visit your home to recover goods to the value of the debt 3, Place a Charging Order on your home or other property. Please be aware that these action may also increase your debt. Alternatively, we may recommend to our client that collectors are appointed to visit your address and review your ability to repay this debt. If so, agents will be in contact with you to arrange convenient time to visit your address In bold (Please contact us as soon as possible to avoid these actions) ****** End of letter 2 ****** There’s a couple of bits within the above letters I’m not too sure about; 1) Sheriff’s Decree I have never heard of his before but I guess that because I live in the UK and not Scotland, am I correct? 2) I believe I know who this could be concerning, but that company has already given me a CCJ. But can a second one be applied for the same debt? 3) If they appoint a bailiff to come to my address to recover the outstanding debt, Do they need a warrant to gain access and if so, do they have to send out a copy in advance under the pace regulations? Can they force entry to the property? Or get a locksmith to pick the door? Or Enter the property if a window is open to gain access(but isn’t that classed as breaking and entry)? 4) How would a PROVE it letter by laid out and worded? 5) And what do you think about all of the above? P.S; I have ignored the letters as it does not provide any evidence nor have I bothered to phone them as I’m aware that all companies are legally required to keep recordings of phone calls for any possible criminal investigation/Fraud ect ect. In addition, I would have no record of the call and no evidence what has been said over the phone.
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