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  1. I sent them an email asking them to make sure that I wouldn't be contacted any further by them or a third party regarding this debt and the above is what the replied with. They also sent me an email asking to apply for another loan! EDIT: I just called them and recorded the call, asking them to make sure that neither they nor any third party would contact me regarding this debt. The woman on the other end said yes to everything - "there will no contact about this debt anymore" "no claims against you". Chalk it up, I think,
  2. Just an update to my asking them to close my account: As the outstanding loan was repaid today 20/07/12 with a settlement of £303 Your MiniCredit.co.uk account is now closed. Kind regards MiniCredit.co.uk Client Support Team DONE
  3. The email reads: Thank You for the information! The payment of £100 is accepted and the doorstep collection is postponed to 30 days. Every partly payment postpones the doorstep collection actions for 30 days. You will pay 203 on 20 july 2012. This will be the full Repayment on your loan. .Kind regards MiniCredit.co.uk Client Support Team I paid them today and my account now says that the loan has been repaid. I asked them to close the account too.
  4. Kaboom! Unfortunately I have not gone the conventional route with these people, so I don't think I will be of any help to anyone. I paid them £100 thus far and they are willing to acceptment settlement of the rest of the debt (around £200 - I have conceded to pay one default charge) by the end of the month. I spoke to them by phone and have received email confirmation that this would be fine and no doorstep collectors will be coming to my house (yeah, I had one come around but I wasn't in). I told them of my mental health issues and they have stopped calling and emailing me. I also mentioned I would be complaining to the OFT regardless. My other debts have also been successfully to my dmp, which is another relief. So I think that I am nearing some kind of stability.
  5. So yeah, I sent this email to them: I writing to complain about the charges you are placing on my overdue loan. I would like to outline straight away that I am of course willing to pay off what owe you - this being the sum of £247. However, your practices do not adhere to the guidelines of the OFT. To start, you did not send me a loan agreement via email or post, nor does it show on my Minicredit account. I am supposed to have a copy of the loan agreement and you have not provided me with this. Also, I will be forwarding this debt to a debt management company and - again adhering to OFT guidelines - you are not allowed to refuse any payment plan that is offered to you if it is more than I can reasonably afford. I have read stories about your company using to heavy-handed tactics to get money out of people, but being aware of all of these, if you are to threaten any of the actions that I have previously read about then I will make a complaint to the relevant institutions (namely the OFT and the FOS). Again, I am of course willing to pay back the money that I owe you. I have been seeking advice for mental health issues which are to blame for my taking out of payday loans - all I ask for you to be helpful in the process of my debt management plan. Unsure whether it was the right thing to do now. I was rather emotional at the time.
  6. Should I ask about reclaiming charges when I get to see the finance charity? My list of debts are: Barclaycard Aqua Capital One Wonga Quick Quid TxtLoan Payday UK Payday Express MiniCredit 1 Month Loan I just looked at my credit file and not all of them show up, only: Barclaycard Aqua Capital One Quickbridge MEM Consumer Finance Micro Credit The latest update on my credit file appears to be on 01/05/2012. What does it mean if some don't show up?
  7. Yes, I think that I should get a note from the doctor. My counsellor said that I should wait until I have spoken to the finance charity, but she wants a blow-by-blow account of what's happening with me so that she can make sure I don't go in a backward direction. But if anyone is reading this and their debt is due to any depression or mental health problems, they should get it sorted asap because leaving it will only prolong the agony and be detrimental to your health.
  8. Hello erimus1, thanks for your reply. As far as I'm concerned, my priority is finishing university. This summer is going to be long and hard in terms of earning money and getting my finances into some kind of manageable order, but I think that - with the help I will be receiving - that I can get through it. Almost all charges have been frozen under my dmp, but certain places are 'playing hard to get' so to speak. The reason I sought help from external sources, is because my family is in tatters and it's pretty much only me and my nan that have stuck together through it all. I went to see a counsellor a few days ago and I broke down crying in front of her, because I couldn't take it any more - I needed help. Also, because I have depression, there are times when I will simply bury my head in the sand if things go awry, so I need someone else to make me get a grip (I'll be seeing a doctor soon too, so he can help me medically and stick to medication/psychotherapy unlike previous attempts). As it's the weekend, I've been envisaging so many nightmare scenarios with my debts - debt collectors, bailiffs, CCJs. I guess it happens to a few of us when we're left to our own devices - things get over-thought and the worst case scenario is nearly always dreamt up! Aswell as the £2500, I also have debts with credit cards that bring the total to around £7000, but the credit cards are being fair with me and understanding. Anybody can talk to me about their experiences and I have been reading alot on here over the past couple of days. The success stories really do spur me on to get over my hurdles.
  9. As I am writing this, I feel like I am about to explode with the worry over my ever increasing debts. So I feel that I need to get it all down here now and that way I can have some minor weight lifted off. I started university in 2010 and didn't have the best time in my first year. I tried to committ suicide early on and after that I was using my credit cards to pay for gambling, drink and food. This was made worse by the fact that I was kicked out of my own home, because other members of my family couldn't afford to pay their rent. This led to a downward spiral. Back at uni in 2011, I didn't get on with the people that I lived with and shut myself off for the most part. If I did go out, it was to my friend's house via taxi - and the costs for that mounted up too. It all became too much financially and I started with payday loans. As of now I have 7 outstanding loans, totalling to over £2500. The suicidal thoughts came into my head again recently and I was crying every day, so I decided to seek some help by emailing a local mental health charity. The lady that I had a meeting with was very helpful and has pointed me into the directions I can go with regards to getting me back on track again. I also have a dmp which is dealing with my debts and will also be going to a local financial charity to see what help they can provide me with, too. This is obviously a brief outline of what's been happening in the past 18 or so months, but I just needed to get it out there. Thanks for reading
  10. I have a question: Minicredit did not send me a credit agreement at any time during the loan period, nor does it show up on my account on their website. Anybody have anything to say about this?
  11. Just to update: Got an email from Minicredit saying that my balance currently stands at £352.60 (they have added 25 and 55 to the initial 247, plus whatever interest). I haven't replied to it. I did, however, send an email to them about my mental health issues and how I am willing to pay back the £247 that I owe them and nothing more. I am going to be speaking about all this to my dmp advisor tomorrow and have been referred to a local financial charity by my Mind counsellor.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new here and have a question to ask about the payday loan company, Minicredit. I applied for, and successfully received, a loan from this company. I have been unable to pay the loan and thus the charges have begun. The thing is this: there is no record of Minicredit sending me a loan agreement via email or post, nor is there any evidence of one when I log in to my account on their website. I am currently in the process of adding this debt to a dmp (through issues with depression, this is one debt of a few) and was wondering what I can do. I am of course willing to pay back what I owe, but only at what I can afford. Any answers will be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
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