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  1. Hi, Thanks for your advice, i have just checked my credit file and there is no CCJ's regarding this matter Even though the accident happened 12 years ago, the third party only received the payout 9 months ago,
  2. thanks for that, puts me a ease does the 6 years start from the date of the accident or date of payout? regards
  3. I was involved in an accident back in 2000, in which i hit a car from the rear.As the car was a works car i had borrowed i believed i was covered by my employer, But this turned out Not to be the case. 2 days later i was sacked. I recieved no conviction for no insurance and just assumed the matter had gone away However i have recieved a few letters from MID stating they paid out the 3rd party almost $17,580, and they believe it was me and want a payment in full. Surely an incident that happened 12 years ago cant be brought up now, or can it? does my case fall into statute barred? please help Regards
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