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  1. Ah thanks, will complain about this to Nisa directly, i know its only 10p but its the principle!
  2. Am i allowed to post a link to it? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?353370-Nisa-shop-and-Coca-Cola&highlight=Nisa
  3. Sorry this is my second post, just posted in a section with my first post doh, but like to say hi and looks like a very informative site and will deffo keep my eye on this one
  4. Ok i was in my local Nisa shop the other day and noticed they where selling Coca Cola for £2.09 even thought on the bottle there was a yellow strip around it say £1.99 so i just thought they where still selling them at that price like it said on the bottle. Anyway my wife went to go buy some today and they charged £2.09!!! and they had cut off the £1.99 yellow label!!!!! i have taken photos of the bottle of coke and you can still see parts of the yellow label so they are making a 10p profit on this, is this allowed?
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