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  1. Just logged in here after a while and saw your good news. Be sure to spread the word locally about what's happened though I'm sure you already have. Out of curiosity did you involve the local MP at all? Best wishes Rich
  2. Hi there I know the post box well and have indeed posted letters there myself. Think about this... Once per day (at least) a post office van has to stop to empty the post box. Do the post office get a daily parking charge notice issued from a White Renault Panel Van registration number F4 NPR? How about when the 91 bus stops multiple times per day on the stop immediately adjacent to the post box? Can't see First Group being happy with that and yet nothing in VCS's signs mention busses or post office vans being allowed to stop. I'm glad my posts have been of service. If you're using
  3. Conversely the 2 council car parks adjacent to the one Excel manages have clear signage, such as pay and display and a couple of obvious ticket machines and lists of charges posted. The difference being I suppose is that they would prefer you to pay! Would there be any mileage in sending pictures of Excels signage at this car park to the DVLA once their 3 month ban is over? Kind regards R
  4. Hi All Hope I have uploaded this picture correctly. It's the first time I have tried this! I came across this sign earlier this week and just wondered what people though of it for clarity? Which part of the sign is your eye drawn to and which part could easily be missed? Kind regards R
  5. Was your brother at the airport site to meet an incoming plane by any chance? If so the word needs to get out in Donny that the best way to deal with these idiots is to go into the car park or waiit on a public road. But day after day VCS rake in the cash from people waiting on Peel Holdings land which surrounds the airport trying to save themselves £2.50 Perhaps if their income was nil from the site they'd clear off!! Best wishes
  6. Just to conclude this had an email from Department of Transport this week. Yellow lines are protected by copywrite but DoT are quite happy for anyone to use them on private land. Best wishes
  7. VCS use a white Renault van registration no: F4 NPR which tours round the airport site snapping unsuspecting motorists. It's especially active when a plane is due in and sneaks up behind you, takes your photograph and the first you know is when the speculative invoice arrives through the post. The van has ANPR International on the side and orange lights on the top. It does tour the entire airport site at any time of night or day. I saw it as late as 8:30pm earlier this week. One way to deal with this is to go into the airport car park (free for 10 mins) to drop off or pick up and if you're the
  8. I'll post the reply I get from Department of Transport on here when I get it. In the meantime having just returned from holiday I had a letter from VCS waiting for me. My parking charge has been cancelled and no further action will be taken. It would appear that my letter stating that I don't believe I was ever in contract and even if I was their charges were penalty charges and therefore void seems to have had some impact. I also asked for an estimate of the costs of the damage they allege I had done if a claim for trespass was to be persued. My MP also wrote to VCS and
  9. Geoff You're read my mind. E mail sent to Department of Transport and I already have pictures. I should hear back in 20 days!
  10. Hi Geoff If you are correct what are the penalties should someone breach copyright? Anyone else able to comment on this at all? Kind regards Rich
  11. Hi Alex Had a letter saying the are getting together the stuff I asked them to provide and they aim to get back to me in 14 days. I'd asked them for a copy of the contract they allege had been entered into by the driver. A full breakdown of the damage they allege the vehicle caused and a breakdown of the losses they or the airport had suffered. Also their data protection procedures and made a request under section 7 for a copy of everything they have on me as the registered keeper. Will sit tight and wait for my "challenge to be rejected" Think after that I'll just sit tight a
  12. Isn't it brilliant what can be found out with a little bit of digging and time. This really made me laugh as it does indicate how desperate this PPC has become. Personally I'm eagerly awaiting the 29th June to see what explanation will be given for his actions by a PPC director in S****horpe County Court. Rich
  13. Thank you for your reply. However I think what happened was akin to another thread on here running at the moment. The paperwork he received seems to have been the same as in the thread where draft copies of intended court action have been sent out from Northampton County Court. I don't believe he ever received a true County Court form with a seal and case number on it. In the circumstances he took the offer to reduce the outstanding amount from £400 to £200 because the form scared him. I presume in the circumstances that nothing can be done to recover the money he paid. Is tha
  14. I have had a very nice letter from the director of the airport today which confirms that the roads are privately owned but not by the airport. He provided the name of the landowner should I wish to contact them.... Which I don't as there would seem to be no point. Unlike my son in law should I receive paperwork from Northampton I will be willing to submit a defence and attend Doncaster County Court. I've also had a note from my MP's office saying she has received my letter and is dealing with it. I'll be most interested in what she has to say. Thanks for your interest and advice.
  15. My son in law and a friend both parked in a stadium car park but as there were no spaces parked on a grass verge. neither of them noticed the signs posted by Vehicle Management Direct Ltd. These state: No parking outside of parking bays at any time or a parking charge notice will be issued for £90 (at the time, now £100) Both boys had seen the Watchdog TV advice to ignore and so they did. One heard nothing more after a series of letters and Gary eventually received communication from Northampton County Court saying he'd had a judgement entered against him. He states that he never receiv
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