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  1. HI I had a similar issue over a DN on an overdraft a while ago. Their response which was supported by TS was that they did not have to send a default notice under the CCA because , A, it was not necessary to terminate the account in order to demand repayment, and B there are no repayment arrangements on any agreement, so they are not demanding early or accelerated repayment. DB
  2. HI This as a very interesting thread and if I may put in my two pennneth worth. For sometimes I was responsible for preparing accounts for a small supermarket (Co-op), I am an accountant. I understand vaguely about the point of law that says if the tort of conversion is committed the injured party can claim any damages incurred by that act (please correct me if I am wrong here) The problem that I see is, what exactly do those damages consist of? I used to prepare cost analysis for these stores and security and shrinkage are included within their operating parameters. In other words any costs incurred in handling these incidents are already paid for when you purchase your shopping. It is not an external cost.. This is why in my opinion the legal case will always fail, the argument relied on as I understand them, concern a business whose normal business activities were interrupted by an event which incurred losses, it may be a sad fact but pilfering is a normal part of the business of the retail trade unfortunately. DB
  3. Yes that seems to be the opinion on other threads, i was reading tommotubies earlier(sorry if that is not how it is spelled) he/she seems to think that you need all your ducks in a row before you take this on. I am going to get the info together and start a new thread. the issue is resolved now, in as much as they are no longer chasing me, but they ripped me off unmercifully when i was at my most vulnerable and i would love to get some payback DB
  4. HI Its my first post so be gentle.I am considering making one of these complaints myself but have read about people being stuffed for costs. This makes me a bit hesitant, i understand what you say about this not being litigation, but if this is true how could the judge award costs against the person taking the action. DB
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