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  1. Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the replies, to be honest the idea of bailiffs freak me out so i did consider paying just to get the matter over and done with, but after reading all the replies realised that was just plain silly. sorry i've been away for a couple of weeks- exams, but all over now, yippeeee. anyway, the update- i have NOT had a reply from the council and have not heard anything from the bailiff. i did consider calling TEc again and asking them if the council had reapplied for the warrant but then that might make the TEC write to the council and advise them to do it, so not sure what to do. The council are REALLY bad, I must have sent them about 5 emails and went to see them in person and they took copies of all my letters to pass on to the appropriate person, but he has never responded to anything. We have a facility to appeal the NtO online, thats the way i appealed and got a confirmation email for that. should i just wait it out? now there is no imminent threat of bailiff its not so bad
  2. hounslow council have made it impossible to personally call their parking fines department. you have to either- write, email or leave a message on their voicemail and wait for them to call back. i did all three, i hand delivered a letter and photocopies of the tec letter- NO reply.
  3. to be honest, i would not be surprised if this is not an isolated incident- most people would panic at the sight of bailiffs and not bother to check the warrant- i did panic and accidently checked the warrant. i actually called the tec to ask them what i could do as i had never received a response to my appeal. shall hopefully speak to the council in the morning and get this sorted. any tips on what to say to them would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi tomtubby, Thank you for your response. The bailiff company is 'collect services' based in Uxbridge and the LA is London Borough of Hounslow. I've spoken to TEC and they told me to contact hounslow council about it. They said that the council never re registered the pcn. I was appealing it in the first place because the warden never stuck it on my window, he issued it as I was driving away. I spoke to the bailiff to let him know that he was acting ona revoked warrant and he didn't want to know, then after I read the first reply to my post I called him again- said that I've been advised to let him know that he is acting on a revoked warrant- of which I have proof of from the TEC, and that if he comes to my property again it will be considered trespass, and he started being nice, and said he would put on hold for a couple of days until they hear from the council. I just got back from the council to show them the letter from court, but I could not speak to anyone, I had to ask reception to take copies and pass on to the appropriate department. I've wasted my whole day on this, I know its not a particularly nice day, but still.....
  5. Hi lookinforinfo, Thanks for your response......i'm getting very anxious about this whole thing. after the warrant was revoked, they correctly sent me a notice to owner. i appealed the fine, as it was never handed to me in the first place and the photo the warden took shows me driving away. they never replied, and the next i heard was the letter from the bailiff o saturday. do you think i should just pay the bailiff?
  6. Hi, I'm not sure what to do, a warrant was issued on 4th october 2011 for a pcn, and this was revoked by the traffic enforcement centre (TEC) (court) on 20th november 2011 when i filed an out of time witness statement. I received a letter from the bailiff on saturday 2nd june 2012, and a visit from them this morning. I had appealed to the council but not had a response, and have heard from the TEC that they have not reissued a warrant and that hounslow council is basically acting on the old revoked warrant issued on 4th october 2011. surely this is unlawful? illegal? have tried contacting the council but they only accept written communication- email/letter, no visits in person or phonecalls, and i'm worried the bailiff will come again and add more fees. does anyone know what to do in this instance? thanks
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