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  1. Hi Janab, sadly, after months of hassle, I accepted that I would have to pay an extra £30 to get a higher quality mattress or risk losing my initial outlay. The manager responded by saying that he was satisfied with how my query was dealt with and stuck with his offer. I opted for a Pocket Sprung mattress as the two Miracoil ones were clearly dodgy. Since I received this, I have had no issue - the mattress is fine and still in tact, and in my mind that proves beyond all doubt that the previous two were of poor quality. It would have cost me more to pay for the inspection, and from
  2. Rebel, thanks for the prompt reply. I paid using my debit card and it looks like I am going to have to go through a small claims court because even though I have shown them how they are breaching the Act, they are still refusing to accept liability.
  3. When I initially ordered my mattress over a year and a half ago, I was delighted. The mattress came promptly and seemed to be of good quality (Silent Night). However, after a few months there was extreme subsidence in the mattress and this lead to severe dipping and springs poking up through the bed. I reported this and was asked to send in photographs of the issues. I did so and Mattressman agreed there was an issue and sent me a replacement mattress very quickly - again, I was satisfied as these things can happen. Not three weeks later the same issue arose and rather than
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