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  1. I had the oddest experience. A few year ago I applied for a job in a Children's home I knew that I would have to disclose my record dating back some 30 years I was able to get a print out from the local police that listed all my court appearances (and convictions). I was offered (and subsequently got) the job but when they did an enhanced disclosure check it came back without any convictions at all on this confused everyone as they thought it should have. I phoned the CRB people and even sent them a copy of my convictions and they sent another clear eCRB check back, with a letter saying that if I wanted my convictions listed the responsibility was on me to prove I had them ! it was the oddest thing I had ever heard. I then spoke to the local police who seemed to think that as the convictions were so long ago, and one I couldn't repeat even if i tried (drinking under age) and were subject to the ROOA then in their opinion wouldn't be listed. The problem my employers was it cast suspicion on if I was who I said I was, luckily some had known me years and I had plenty of proof as to my identity.
  2. An amazing story there Jane .. well done. I suspect in most cases like this people get tired by the constant letters and spiralling (often unjustifiable) costs maybe if every customer was as brave and tenacious as you the foot would be on the other shoe, big companies having to deal with hundreds of court cases. This shows how important it is to read letters carefully, keep details of phone calls (preferable by recording them, which i understand is legal so long as its for your own use ?). A big WELL DONE ! wally
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