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  1. Hi all Hope you dont mind me posting, Ive gleaned a bit of info from this forum which is great but would love some personal advice relating to my circumstances. In April I had a notice from Jacobs and tried daily (3-4 times a day) to call the bailliff in question. to no avail. in the end I called them and they laughed about how this baillif was a liability and i set up a payment plan. Shortly after, my partner was taken into hospital (7 months pregnant) and transferred to manchester Royal some 50 miles away. Due to the circumstances I moved with her staying in a hotel and crippling myself! unfortunately, i failed to keep up with their repayments. On the 6th May my partner gave birth to our daughter and sadly 10 days later our daughter passed away. i have only recently gone back to work after 5-6 weeks off (self employed, no income). Today I had a removal notice come through from Jacobs telling me they will seize my goods in 24 hours. from what i gather, they cannot do this as they need a walking possession etc and considering I have never met the guy it would be unfair to break in after 24 hours. Can they take my recent bereavement into consideration? What on earth can i do. The debt is for council tax and totals roughly £1600. back at work, it will take me approx 5-6 weeks to get this paid off. Will they listen to me!????
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