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  1. hi all, have received letter from wescot re ccj action i will be filing my defense on line thanx for advise and writing to wescott is it worth phoning to find out who original creditor is, or just write to these clowns thanx in advance
  2. hi thanx for prompt reply, do not recognise eos dont lknow who original creditor is. majority of my debts statue barred except 1 which is satisfied and drops of soon. i can only assume they are chasing sb'd debt! i would appreciate advice on how to defend this thanx in advance
  3. hi folks thanx for replies, have had letters from wescot in past and have ignored. have been checking cra files on regular basis and nothing my previous addresses are all on my file. issue date 8th october 2012 the claim is for mones being owed to the claimant in respect of goods provided by EOS the defendant a/c no xxxxxx the agreement was terminated due to th defendant failed the agreed terms. in accordance wih the pre action protocols the claimant has attempted to contact the defendant and agree a repayment plan. the defendant has failed to respond or maintain a suitable arrangement. EOS has sold and assigned all rights, title and interest , under this agrement to wescot spv ltd and the claimant claims interest pursuat to section 69 of the county court act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum etc. thanx in advance
  4. had letter from northampton county court for a debt of over £1000, it says the debt was sold by EOS who i dont recognise to wescott. have checked my credit file not on there and am thinking they are chasing a statue barred debt. looking for advise for nxt step as i have been sent claim form n9a and n9b thanx in advance
  5. hi all never aknowledged or made payment to debt for over 6 yrs
  6. hi all have received letter from wescott threatening ccj proceedings for over a £1K. on the 5th october have checked cra file and this amount not on but i have 1 debt dropping of 2nd october for a lesser amount . i am assuming it must be this. what would be best way forward? also had letter from drysdenfairfax solicitors asking for urgent contact, again i can only assume for sb debts thanks in advance
  7. thanks for replies it only says the debt is with 'Finance House' and nothing more. with the other entries it states name of cra's thanks in advance
  8. the entry is a default notice and has no name of dca only finance house which i have never heard of. the default is satisfied in september thanks in advance
  9. hi folks, check my files on regular basis on experian and noddle and have recently gone on free trial on checkmyfile. i have discovered entry that isnt in my name but the surname is same as my middle name. a while ago i did receive letter addressed with said name and ignored it. this entry is not showing on experian or noddle but will be sb'd in september. what is best course of action? thanks in advance
  10. hi everyone quick update still hsving probs with rbs/natwest we still cant get our balance to see what our cash flow is, i have also heard on the grapevine that these probs could stretch to end of week. some of our staffs wages have gone trough from last week but not showing on account. what price do u put on ones reputation as a business to customers staff and suppliers?
  11. well will be going in office tomorrow and will see what rbs have to say. i know am at least £2000 out of pocket and that excludes other inconvinience we have incurrred
  12. hi everyone, i had been smoking since 1 was 12 years old and now 46. tried sveral times to quit tried champix cut down then started smoking heavy again. my problem was i enjoyed smoking but was smoking in excess of 40 a day. i then tried e lites they didnt work either i decided this year as a new years resolution i would quit my friends and work collegues were doubtful but i went cold turkey and stopped and has now been nearly 7 months. my only advise is if your not ready to stop smoking dont only do it when your ready. apparently i was a nightmare to work with for 3 weeks but i am ok now. the smell of ciggy smoke makes me cough now, i do miss smoking but wont start again. if i can stop any one can GOOD LUCK
  13. hi would like advise re natwest/rbs have business and staff couldnt be paid wages and also as a company we couldnt source our goods from our normal supplier as we pay on cash basis and have had to pay over the odds by at least £600-£700 in total. our staff have also edured hardship as they have motgages d/d etc. what recourse do we have, can we claim charges bk plus interest as banks are allways willing to charge if we go over o/d etc, could we chargw for the phone calls we made etc. thank u in advance
  14. hi thanx for promt reply, so bk to my initial question after my debts were sb'd could i then claim bk charges on store cards and crdit cards etc but not bank charges? thanx in advance
  15. hi, maroondevo52 no oc's don't own original debts all with dca's. im not too fussed was just curious. also my late wife has lots of debts on cards and bank charges, i take it i wouldnt be able to try and claim these bk either? thanx in advance
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