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  1. I know i can tell my bank to reject that payment and send me the money back, but... Wouldnt i get in to a big trouble with the gym and end up going to court for not paying? I dont know the laws here in the UK and i feel hands tied...
  2. Hi, Please some help here. Im spanish so im going to try to make my self comprenssive. i have been for more than a year subscribed to Total fitness but due to an operation that my father is going to have i cant aford this anymore, seriously i cant. So 2 months ago i go there and tell them i have to cancel my subscription so i did it and i sign something and just leave the gym. Next month they charge me the 40£ again so i went there and they guy in reception told me this was due to i have to give a month before they cancel it, it means i done it on the 12th so I got charged one
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